10 Psychological Hacks and Tips to Gain Confidence

7Mark your achievements

People have the habit of wallowing in their failures no matter how small or insignificant they are in a long run but forget to celebrate their many daily victories and accomplishments thinking they are unimportant. One must keep a diary in which make a list of all the small or big things you achieved today, which could be cooking a complete meal from scratch or fixing your car by your own self. When you are feeling down read these daily accomplishments and feel your confidence soaring high.


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8Think about the ideal “you.”

Whenever you are in a bind think, what would your ultra-confident avatar do at this situation? Maybe something to daring or risky comes into your mind, but at least it’s a good sign. Keeping that in mind, start small and move forward with your idea or your project steadily. And lo and behold you would have accomplished it before you even realised it! Be ready to take risks and responsibility as well as the credits with open arms and this would prove to the world and mostly to you that your confidence is here to stay.


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9Talk to strangers

Try to visit events where people are unknown to you and then act out the role of confident person. You don’t have to be the center of attention because it may not be easy in front of strangers. Later on however, you will feel more confident. Moreover, talk to strangers in everyday life but if this doesn’t not work for you and it makes you feel uncomfortable then don’t do it.


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10Spend less time on social media

The biggest problem with social media is that in trying to compare photos with others, it can create a sense of low self-esteem because social media is like a forum where people compete for attention. Take a break from it.


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