10 Psychological Hacks and Tips to Gain Confidence

4Keep your back straight and change the way you walk

Keep your walk straight, chin held high, eyes straight and gait undulating with open gestures and the world would know that here is one confident lady who should not be messed with. This kind of body language sends a positive signal to the world as well as uplifts your morale and confidence levels as well.


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5Exclude negative thoughts

The biggest poison which eats up your morale and confidence is negative self-talk and bad inner dialogue which pulls you down before you even appear for the challenge. It’s about time that you banish these toxic thoughts. It’s ok to be a bit nervous before a performance, speech or a job interview but that just keeps you in an alert position so that you show your best performance. Insecurities, on the other hand, paralyse you completely.


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How to combat this

To combat this, you must immediately write down all the points which scare you and chuck out the one which are improbable, uncertain or plain silly. Also, write down your strong points for which they have considered you for the job interview or giving a speech for the first place. The analysis would leave you confident and happy to face the challenge the next morning.


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6Notice the moment when you stop believing in yourself

If all you do is keep obsessing your mind with all the wrong things that have happened in the past or the potential accidents that may or may not happen to you in the future you would always be anxious, depressed and your confidence level would be below the ground. Instead, forget about the bad past and stop dwelling on them and always strive and move forward with an optimistic eye, and you will notice your confidence is pushing you even harder to race ahead.


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