10 Psychological Hacks and Tips to Gain Confidence

It’s a sad fact of life that confidence is something which we all are not inherently built with when we are born. Some have a large dose of it while some have none. Low confidence can seriously dent any plans of advancement in love, education, career or life in general. Therefore, we see so many institutes claiming to train you to give an ounce of confidence for a high price which in all honesty can be developed by yourself free of cost at any time. Here are some tips from the best psychologists all across the globe which would guide you to be confident and self-assured young thing as you are supposed to be.


1 Learn to accept compliments

You are lucky that you have friends and well-wishers around you who appreciate you both physically as well as your personality. So, when they truly compliment you accept it with gratitude and thank them for their kindness. Also, remember never to downplay a compliment which would not only hurt your friend thinking you do not value their opinions about you but also would do you no favours to uplift your self-confidence. Do not presume the other person is making a sarcastic comment or just flirting with you but contemplate about the possibility that you have many attributes which are seriously loved and approved by many around you.

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2Don’t try to be perfect

The pursuit of being perfect at home or work is sure way to your doom. No one is perfect in this world and neither should you try to be one. Granted you do have a tight schedule at work and a lot of responsibility at home but the world is not going to come to a standstill if you take a break and relax with your chums or loved ones for a while before you start off with your duties with a fresh mind and attitude. So instead of giving in to anxiety which is a direct result of low confidence, be a strong-willed person who has the confidence to manage all her responsibility competently.

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3Learn to maintain eye contact during a conversation

Eye contact means that you are confident, transparent and honest at your dealings with the world at large. So, whether you are on a date or in a board meeting, shifty-eyed people are always looked on with suspicion. Liars always try to avoid eye contact. When you are a highly competitive and competent person with great attributes and skills, there is no reason for you to avoid eye contact but make a great impression on your audience by looking at them straight in their eyes and talking confidently. Trust me at the end of the day the deal would be yours or the boyfriend (whichever is the case…that evening).

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