12 Interesting Psychological Facts About Yourself That will Surprise You

9You are not a good multitasker

This is the same for everybody who likes to think that they are. You may be multitasking at work or home as it might be required but if you think that you are doing a perfect job, you are mistaken. You should remove that notion along with all the other million things going on in your head right now. It is not a good idea to multitask especially when the tasks are important ones and require your undivided attention. You might end up missing vital pieces of information or you may end up doing the task half-heartedly.

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10Your unconscious mind knows more than you do

This is a thought-provoking statement but think clearly. While you are living out a particular experience, task, action, mood or behavior, you are focused on that particular moment and the immediate surrounding influencing it. Your subconscious brain, however, is taking in everything else that you aren’t focusing on. When while you may walk down a street without actually being aware of things, your mind is registering faces, objects, and places without you being aware of it. Your subconscious mind thinks before your conscious mind, it’s just that we have this tendency of not being tuned into our subconscious selves.

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11Everybody and everything you see in your dreams, you have met or experienced at some point of time in your life

Now, this is in an extension of the above point and your subconscious mind. Sometimes we may dream of people or places that we don’t recall knowing but actually, it might have already been recorded by your subconsciousness. The brain cannot create faces unknown to you so the people you dream of are ones you may have seen already, knowingly or unknowingly. It could be the checkout guy at the grocery store or some random person you passed on the street but never paid attention to.

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12The anxiety and reaction you have when you lose your phone is comparable to having a near death experience

A phone to many is like a lifeline to the world. It is, in fact, our contact to our own universe.  Without our phones, we would be lost and it would induce a feeling of anxiety, fear and the feeling of not being able to call for help or connected to people. We are nothing without our phones and totally lose it.

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