12 Interesting Psychological Facts About Yourself That will Surprise You

5Stress takes the quality performance out of you

This goes without saying that stress impedes the performance of anybody and will not allow anyone to perform to the best of their abilities. However, there are many in this category who somehow think that they can put that stress behind them at work or while doing something important. No one can because it will interfere in ways that you may not realize and then question your own mistakes. You just won’t be able to perform your best when stressed out.

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6We like bite-size pieces of info

Yes, we like small bits of info but not more than 3 or 4. If you get more than that, you would just lose it. If you get less than that, your mind will crave for more. Our minds like learning and knowing things but only bite-size proportions at a time.  Our minds are not good at information overload just like computers and neither is the lack of information a friendly prospect to our brains because our brains need stimulation for cognitive health. We need to and want to know things all the time.

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7Our old way of thinking takes over a lot

We love to think that we have changed in our ways of thinking and have new perspectives on things that may be from years ago but still in our memories and which surface time to time. Actually, that’s not true. You may try to convince yourself that you prefer the new phone in the market but there is a part of you that is drawn to the older one because of the attachment to your brain that holds it dearer than anything else. The saying “old is gold’ is entrenched in our psyche. Incidentally, The Queen of England has used variations of the same bag for the last 60 years, she never changes her bag.

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8Regardless of your intuition or what’s in your mind, it is ultimately your mood that influences whether to trust something or not

We always talk about gut feeling and state that we are open to following it but that isn’t always the case. When you are out shopping with family or friends, it will be your mood that dictates your purchase. If your mood is good, you will trust your gut, if not, you’ll analyze and decide and ask a lot of questions before purchasing something.

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