Prehistoric dinosaur fossil discovered with soft tissue that can be used for recreating dinosaurs

Were you thrilled by the Jurassic park movies? Indeed that was something to behold even though the science behind the story may not exist or does it? Even as I speak, the possibility of resurrecting dinosaurs isn’t impossible and that’s not a farfetched claim because of the latest discovery of a fossilized dinosaur rib containing tissue including collagen, protein and possibly blood.

Be prepared for the possibility of seeing those terrifying creatures roaming the earth once more because if scientists find a way of analyzing and recreating the DNA strands of this incredible beast, the earth may soon have a Jurassic park for real.

1 Theoretically it is now possible to recreate dinosaurs, say scientists

On January 31, Scientists published their path breaking research on the discovery of a 195 million dinosaur bone fossil. The fossil belonged to the species known as Lufengosauraus, a known leaf eating Dino from the early Jurassic period.


According to the scientists, the possibility of recreating the species is now theoretically possible as the basic building blocks of life; the all important tissue that can reveal DNA has been found intact in the Bone fragment.

195 million dinosaur bone fossil discovered

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2 Latest Scientific Technology Used To Find Out Nature of Preservation

Well!! Have you freaked out already at the terrifying though of a T-Rex roaming the earth?? Well don’t be just yet because the bone fragment as mentioned is that of a plant eating dinosaur Lufengosauraus that lived in southwestern China. It grew to a length of 30 feet which is also huge.

The dinosaur rib containing tissue was subjected to analytical technology of infrared spectroscopy that helped uncover the traces of skin and soft tissue. The material was preserved by the presence of iron oxide particles that created pockets which protected the soft tissue for 195 million years.


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