13 Powerful Psychology Tricks to Avoid Manipulation and Get What You Want

7Prior agreement and a hard time


Manipulators get a home score in this kind of a situation when we do make a commitment while we are busy or caught up in much serious activities, just to placate the drone of your “friend”. But when the time comes and you realize how stupid the venture is, you have no heart to say no as you don’t want to be branded as a party pooper or worse still, a friend who can’t be relied upon. The solution is to stand your ground and say NO and never feel guilty about it. If they are true friends they will understand and if not…..well you know whom to chuck out from your life.

Prior agreement and a hard time

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8 Don’t think. Believe!

A manipulator is a nasty piece of work, who pretends to be your ‘friend’, proves his authority towards your own thoughts and individuality and makes you his crony. He makes you believe that you are making your own decision but he fools you to carry out his own devious plans through his sweet talking and imposing his own dreams on you. This makes you disappointed for his failures.

Avoid such instances by not giving a rat’s ass about why you can’t achieve someone else’s goals. Instead, focus on your own needs and aspirations where it is ok to be disappointed in not achieving your own goals and working harder to meet them.

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9 Sensationalism and urgency

Have you ever felt the scary feeling of being left behind or not getting something which all your friends seem to be getting faster than you! Look at any online clothes or hotel booking sites and you’ll see that the rooms or that bag you have chosen will invariably be the last one available!!! So hurry up and snatch it before anyone else gets it. The urgency is just fake for you to be the first fool to fall for it. So do not fall for such tricks ever again, on the other hand use such psychology tricks to get what you want albeit in a more subtle way by not ripping someone off. Incidentally, this method was described in the “Wolf of Wall Street.”


Sensationalism and urgency

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10Project positivity

A positive person is a winner always. No wonder, your positive demeanor would attract similar bright people all around you in no time whether at work or at any social gathering. Just remember to stay away from whining and criticism or negative statements and you would have genuine friends who would remember you for your lovely personality and not your crappy day at work.

Project positivity

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