13 Powerful Psychology Tricks to Avoid Manipulation and Get What You Want

3 Nontrivial vocabulary

This is a smart way to make your opponent feel incompetent when you start showering them with inane but impressive jargons about the topic under discussion. This will obviously boost your own significance to the topic burning the ego of others while giving you a sadistic pleasure of making someone uncomfortable at their own inability to grasp a conversation. Once you break their confidence, the game is all yours.

Nontrivial vocabulary

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4Reflect openness

You can send a signal of your nature in just 7 seconds. You can actually show your true self to any stranger by pasting an honest smile on your face, relaxed body language, straight stance, un-buttoned jacket and uncrossed hands. These will reflect your open and trustworthy attitude in Just 7 seconds. There are many people who appreciate honesty and are more willing to comply when they trust you. Such tricks should be used for a genuine purpose such as a project you’ve been wanting or a genuine deal and not something unscrupulous.


Reflect openness

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5The Goebbels method

This classical psychological arm-twister which has ruled the consumer world from the post-cold war years till now does not come without its fair share of grimness. The idea is to bombard people with ideas and stuff which they don’t need and hammer it so much that when they DO visit the store, they mechanically end up buying the product. The simple way is to be self-aware of the marketing tricks that save you from falling into such traps and making thoughtful choices of your own.

The Goebbels method

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6Non-productive arguments

Have you heard any classic parent children argument? It always ends up with these time-tested words “We are your parents and we know better…end of discussion”. According to a research conducted amongst young people, the keyword ‘BECAUSE’ is somehow always best for any arguments which can make the conversation much more palatable and even reasonable. A lesson which every parent should learn, if they want their kids to pay any heed to them ever.

Non-productive arguments

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