13 Powerful Psychology Tricks to Avoid Manipulation and Get What You Want

No matter how much you harness your inner demons and emotional vulnerability, there are always some sadistic bunch of losers who may take delight in gaslighting your patience and, instigate you to an emotional meltdown, and the worst part is it’s NOT your fault! We routinely come across our proverbial ‘friends and ‘family ‘who are downright TOXIC. Here are some psychological tricks to help assess and recognize any situation or devious attempt of someone trying to manipulate you so that you can sway the situation towards your own benefit. Once you recognize the mental traps you can keep your spirits high and aspirations undamaged from those who pride themselves in calling your ‘well-wishers’.


1 Stereotype activation: Don’t try and be someone else

The most deadly societal hypocrisy lies in the fact that we all must somehow ‘fit ‘in with lame stereotypes which the archaic and sometimes highly pseudo “l” formats. It is an unsaid rule that we all must grow up as star students, get a great life partner, have a successful career, great swanky apartments with a perfect wife and children. Those who do not choose these norms are automatically deemed a social outcast which is a pity! Leo Tolstoy rightly said this need to fit in is an urge to belong and NOT stand out. Next time you feel you want to be like someone else, let this give u something to think about!

Stereotype activation

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2 Door-in-the-face technique

Here’s the trick, if you want a favor, ask for an even bigger one. When that seems unreasonable, the smaller original favor is liable to be granted because it may make your opponent think he owes you one.


This is the smartest move that manipulators have up their sleeves to make people comply whole heartedly. They begin with asking a huge favor in return for an age-old favor which they did for you ages ago but you have to refuse it for its ridiculous unreasonable demands. Then they simmer it down to a more reasonable request which is also unacceptable to you. This is where the guilt starts creeping in and finally they hit you with the masterstroke of an even smaller (comparative here) favor, you jump in compliance and feel obliged to help. The trick here is to be strong and understand that every past gesture does not to be paid back and no true friend would arm twist you for that.

Door-in-the-face techniqu

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3 Nontrivial vocabulary

This is a smart way to make your opponent feel incompetent when you start showering them with inane but impressive jargons about the topic under discussion. This will obviously boost your own significance to the topic burning the ego of others while giving you a sadistic pleasure of making someone uncomfortable at their own inability to grasp a conversation. Once you break their confidence, the game is all yours.

Nontrivial vocabulary

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4Reflect openness

You can send a signal of your nature in just 7 seconds. You can actually show your true self to any stranger by pasting an honest smile on your face, relaxed body language, straight stance, un-buttoned jacket and uncrossed hands. These will reflect your open and trustworthy attitude in Just 7 seconds. There are many people who appreciate honesty and are more willing to comply when they trust you. Such tricks should be used for a genuine purpose such as a project you’ve been wanting or a genuine deal and not something unscrupulous.


Reflect openness

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5The Goebbels method

This classical psychological arm-twister which has ruled the consumer world from the post-cold war years till now does not come without its fair share of grimness. The idea is to bombard people with ideas and stuff which they don’t need and hammer it so much that when they DO visit the store, they mechanically end up buying the product. The simple way is to be self-aware of the marketing tricks that save you from falling into such traps and making thoughtful choices of your own.

The Goebbels method

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6Non-productive arguments

Have you heard any classic parent children argument? It always ends up with these time-tested words “We are your parents and we know better…end of discussion”. According to a research conducted amongst young people, the keyword ‘BECAUSE’ is somehow always best for any arguments which can make the conversation much more palatable and even reasonable. A lesson which every parent should learn, if they want their kids to pay any heed to them ever.

Non-productive arguments

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7Prior agreement and a hard time

Manipulators get a home score in this kind of a situation when we do make a commitment while we are busy or caught up in much serious activities, just to placate the drone of your “friend”. But when the time comes and you realize how stupid the venture is, you have no heart to say no as you don’t want to be branded as a party pooper or worse still, a friend who can’t be relied upon. The solution is to stand your ground and say NO and never feel guilty about it. If they are true friends they will understand and if not…..well you know whom to chuck out from your life.

Prior agreement and a hard time

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8 Don’t think. Believe!

A manipulator is a nasty piece of work, who pretends to be your ‘friend’, proves his authority towards your own thoughts and individuality and makes you his crony. He makes you believe that you are making your own decision but he fools you to carry out his own devious plans through his sweet talking and imposing his own dreams on you. This makes you disappointed for his failures.

Avoid such instances by not giving a rat’s ass about why you can’t achieve someone else’s goals. Instead, focus on your own needs and aspirations where it is ok to be disappointed in not achieving your own goals and working harder to meet them.

steve jobs quote

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9 Sensationalism and urgency

Have you ever felt the scary feeling of being left behind or not getting something which all your friends seem to be getting faster than you! Look at any online clothes or hotel booking sites and you’ll see that the rooms or that bag you have chosen will invariably be the last one available!!! So hurry up and snatch it before anyone else gets it. The urgency is just fake for you to be the first fool to fall for it. So do not fall for such tricks ever again, on the other hand use such psychology tricks to get what you want albeit in a more subtle way by not ripping someone off. Incidentally, this method was described in the “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Sensationalism and urgency

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10Project positivity

A positive person is a winner always. No wonder, your positive demeanor would attract similar bright people all around you in no time whether at work or at any social gathering. Just remember to stay away from whining and criticism or negative statements and you would have genuine friends who would remember you for your lovely personality and not your crappy day at work.

Project positivity

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11Smile and the world smiles with you

A smile is your best fashion accessory and guess what, it’s free! With that killer smile on your face, you are ready to conquer the world and meeting new people would be a cake walk. The best part is the endorphins triggered by your smile which automatically sticks your happy face in to the conscience of all the people you meet as you make them feel great too.

Smile and the world smiles with you

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12The eyes have it

Do you know that half of our communication is non-verbal in and your and simple eye contact can reflect our confidence honesty, eagerness and openness. Looking into someone eyes politely will give you an instant likeability boost; just maintain the 60:40 ratio of eye contact which draws a line between confident and creepy. In this way you can truly get what you want.

eye contact

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13How to get what you really want

There are always 2 ways of getting what you want, one is to work for it honestly and achieve it yourself, the other is to use such mental tricks to be manipulative and get what you want.
Go the long boring path and get it without any baggage of guilt which usually comes along with the second way to trick yourself up the ladder. Sure it sounds and feels clever with instant gratification but the fall is as drastic and hard as well.

How to get what you really want

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