13 Powerful Psychology Tricks to Avoid Manipulation and Get What You Want


No matter how much you harness your inner demons and emotional vulnerability, there are always some sadistic bunch of losers who may take delight in gaslighting your patience and, instigate you to an emotional meltdown, and the worst part is it’s NOT your fault! We routinely come across our proverbial ‘friends and ‘family ‘who are downright TOXIC. Here are some psychological tricks to help assess and recognize any situation or devious attempt of someone trying to manipulate you so that you can sway the situation towards your own benefit. Once you recognize the mental traps you can keep your spirits high and aspirations undamaged from those who pride themselves in calling your ‘well-wishers’.

1 Stereotype activation: Don’t try and be someone else

The most deadly societal hypocrisy lies in the fact that we all must somehow ‘fit ‘in with lame stereotypes which the archaic and sometimes highly pseudo “l” formats. It is an unsaid rule that we all must grow up as star students, get a great life partner, have a successful career, great swanky apartments with a perfect wife and children. Those who do not choose these norms are automatically deemed a social outcast which is a pity! Leo Tolstoy rightly said this need to fit in is an urge to belong and NOT stand out. Next time you feel you want to be like someone else, let this give u something to think about!

Stereotype activation

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2 Door-in-the-face technique

Here’s the trick, if you want a favor, ask for an even bigger one. When that seems unreasonable, the smaller original favor is liable to be granted because it may make your opponent think he owes you one.

This is the smartest move that manipulators have up their sleeves to make people comply whole heartedly. They begin with asking a huge favor in return for an age-old favor which they did for you ages ago but you have to refuse it for its ridiculous unreasonable demands. Then they simmer it down to a more reasonable request which is also unacceptable to you. This is where the guilt starts creeping in and finally they hit you with the masterstroke of an even smaller (comparative here) favor, you jump in compliance and feel obliged to help. The trick here is to be strong and understand that every past gesture does not to be paid back and no true friend would arm twist you for that.

Door-in-the-face techniqu

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