18 Powerful Images That Show Humans Cannot Hold Back Nature

14Growing on a wall

Yes, those tiny plants are growing on the side of a wall. This is how nature improvises around manmade objects and can grow freely even in the concrete jungles of our modern society. This can be bad for the people living in those buildings as the roots of the plants can grow in between the bricks and make them weak and cause the building to become unstable.

Image Source: Ordissinaute.fr

15Growing on the pavement

The pavements you walk on are made of quite a few different substances that are very strong and cannot be broken easily but it cannot stop nature. This is a stunningly beautiful and powerful image of a flowering plant growing on solid pavement. It represents a great message that man’s concrete cannot stop nature’s will.

Image Source: www.fiammefootwear.com


This was the result of a storm or hurricane. The stop sign must have been blown away and impacted the tree. Once the sign hit and got stuck on the tree, the tree began to heal itself as any living organism does. This resulted in the sign being engulfed in and becoming a part of the tree. This makes a powerful image of a tree holding a ‘Stop’ sign to stop deforestation.

Image Source: telegraf.com.ua

17Life in the stone jungle

This image sends a strong and real message. On the concrete floor that makes the base of all our cities, plants can grow. Someone wrote the word ‘Resistance’ which is an appropriate caption for this image as this is what the plants are doing. Nature is defying man’s constant need to keep it under concrete and is breaking free.

Image Source: instagram.com

18The Tree Of Life

This is also called the Tree Root Cave. The reason behind this tree’s popularity is the condition it is in. The soil around the roots has been eroded away but the tree is still growing. The roots were able to extend around the tree and still supply it with all the nutrition it needs. This tree is the only one of its kind and there isn’t any other anywhere else in the world. This tree is living proof that if nature wants to survive, it will.

Image Source: todotodos.com

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