18 Powerful Images That Show Humans Cannot Hold Back Nature

9A new life from the old one

This image is so powerful as it shows even when nature is destroyed it can find a way to grow back again. The truck used to be a tree that was cut down or destroyed during a storm but that didn’t halt nature. Fortunately, the life left in the tree trunk has grown into a young tree which will one day grow big as the old one.

Image Source: www.bullesociale.fr

10Growing off a wall

Could you’ve ever imagined a tree growing out of a wall? Yes, that is true, that is a tree growing out of a wall that has a boarded up window. We’re not sure how physics works here but this is truly one amazing sight. The building is abandoned and boarded up but still, nature finds a way to grow and live in this environment.

Image Source: bugaga.ru

11Even nature cannot stop nature

This image is so staggering as the tree is growing while being half off the ledge. This image shows exactly how strong nature is and can be. The roots have grown deep inside the rock and the roots are strong enough to hold the entire weight of the tree and keep it from falling off the edge.

Image Source: instagram.com

12The ship is carrying life

This image of an abandoned metal ship left in the middle of a water body that has a giant tree or a group of giant trees growing from it just goes to show how innovative and improvisational nature can be. There is no land anywhere so the trees are growing on the metal ship itself.

Image Source: mypleer.com

13A brick vs a tree

We’re not sure how this happened but it could be the result of a storm. During a storm, a brick must have hit and broken this tree and got stuck in place. After this, the tree started growing as normal then grew through the hole in the brick and now the brick is a part of the tree. These are the times when nature and human-made objects can live together.

Image Source: www.foozine.com

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