18 Powerful Images That Show Humans Cannot Hold Back Nature

5A tree on a tree

This beautiful image looks like something that someone set up to get this beautiful shot but this is a real image that nature itself created. This is a little tree growing on the branch of a bigger, older tree. Beside it, you can see tinier, smaller trees growing beside it. They too will grow big and look the same as the bigger tree.

Image Source: instagram.com

6Peace in chaos

The only way plants can grow in a lake or sea is if the water level isn’t too high from the seafloor. But this little tree defies the odds and is growing on a rock in the middle of a lake in Canada. This is how powerful nature can be. It can survive even when the odds are against it and it can grow and flourish easily.

Image Source: patreonusercontent.com

7Asphalt cannot stop life

That’s right; these little plants are growing from under a road made of asphalt.  This shows how unstoppable nature can be. We believe there was a hole or crack in the asphalt that let the plants grow out from but we would love the idea that these plants grew under the asphalt then broke through and came out to the surface.

Image Source: www.fresher.ru

8Growing through the wood

These tiny adorable trees are growing through the wooden floor. This has been seen before and is a known fact that plants can grow through wood. Tiny cracks in the wood can let a plant life grow through it. This goes to show how unconventional and powerful nature can be and nothing can stand in its way.

Image Source: telegraf.com.ua

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