18 Powerful Images That Show Humans Cannot Hold Back Nature

Humans have kept nature under control with deforestation and the concrete jungles we call cities but little do we know that nature is way more powerful than us. The earth is like a living organism and the plants and animals we see is like its skin. No matter what we do, the planet will heal itself.


We as humans, harm and destroy nature daily but it is just like a wound, nature heals itself. We cannot do anything to stop or control nature. The following images will show you just how powerful nature can be and will give you just a glimpse of how strong nature really is.

1An abandoned railway tunnel

This image is so beautiful and breathtaking that it becomes impossible to explain in simple words. It looks like the kind of tunnel you’d see in movies that have a portal to another dimension. This used to be an old railway tunnel which was abandoned and now we have the walls, ground and even ceiling covered in trees and plants.

Image Source: cloudfront.net

2Stairs can’t stop nature

This image is of an abandoned mall or housing complex that is now flooded and has trees and foliage growing all over it. No matter what man creates the moment we are gone, nature will take over. Nature will take back what we stole from it. We can’t imagine what the rest of the building is looking like at the moment but this image gives us a good hint.

Image Source: brightside.me

3A shopping mall for fish

This used to be an old shopping mall that was left abandoned for unknown reasons and what you see isn’t dead fish but live ones. Yes, this old abandoned shopping mall is now a home to hundreds of fish species. Flooded and away from the human eyes, this place has become a safe sanctuary for fishes of all species.

Image Source: sain-et-naturel.com

4A house in harmony

This old house used to belong to a fisherman but now it belongs to nature. There is water around the ground of the house. The scene behind the house looks so beautiful and calm. The house looks like it is changing color to match that of its surrounding. It looks like a painting or scene from a movie but this place is real and looks just as beautiful.

Image Source: warosu.org

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