10 Positive Things That Are Happening Due To The Coronavirus

4The coronavirus is teaching us how to be prepared for a future crisis

In the last decade, we have had several disease outbreaks including two severe coronavirus type outbreaks like SARS and MERS. Ebola ravaged Africa, then we have HIV but never have we had a crisis such as the present SARS-CoV 2 that caused the deadly COVID 19. In this new reality, the Coronavirus has constituted an emergency unlike we have seen in modern times. 40, 000 people dead, it is unimaginable but in the ensuing battle against it, humans are learning much how to deal with a global crisis of a similar nature and can we confirm that something like this will not occur again?


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5The coronavirus is bringing out the best in us

Given the fact that there is much selfishness in the human race, the coronavirus has created a common enemy bringing humans closer together. Thankfully the understanding that it is important to work together to defeat the virus has created solidarity among many communities across the world. In Siena and Naples, people started singing together from their balconies of their homes where children are writing on the walls “everything will be alright.” One Italian Journalist reported to the Guardian.


“After a moment of panic in the population, there is now a new solidarity. In my community, the drugstores bring groceries to people’s homes, and there is a group of volunteers that visit houses of people over 65.”

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6The disaster is causing a surge in solidarity

Sociologists are not surprised seeing a surge in solidarity in the wake of the ensuing battle against the coronavirus. While there have been reports of people fighting over things as flimsy as toilet paper, there has been a much larger positive impact with the vast majority of people staying at home and helping each other. As one sociologist observed “Whatever the extent of the looting,” one sociologist notes, “It always pales in significance to the widespread altruism that leads to free and massive giving and sharing of goods and services.”

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7People are rediscovering humanity

Around the world there have been several instances of people helping each other and one of the biggest examples of human solidarity was currently played out in India. The strict 21-day lockdown of the country has resulted in a complete shutdown of industry. Major cities in India are home to thousands of migrant workers and daily wage earners from various less developed states of India.

With no food and work, there has been a major exodus of poor families with children in tow attempting to walk hundreds of miles to their own rural villages where they believe they will be safer and get food. Helping them with food and supplies are thousands of good Samaritans seen distributing food, and fruits to such poor. Thankfully, governments have woken up to the new crisis and arranged massive shelters with free food for these people.


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