15 Positive Things That Are Happening Across The Globe Right Now

Right now the only thing on the news is sickness and death. This constant negativity is not good for anyone’s health. This is why we need some positive news but the media cannot divert their attention from what is going on in the world. Unfortunately, right now the negative things happening across the globe outweighs the positive.


This is why we have gathered a list of positive things that are happing across the world that might have slipped past your radar.

1We have enough oil

There have been fake rumors going around that most oil companies don’t have much oil. That is, in fact, false as most oil companies today have enough oil as the sales of hybrid and electric cars have steadily risen in the past decade. Along with this nowadays, car manufacturing companies have begun making more fuel-efficient cars.


Image Source: media.mnn.com

2Universal basic income is slowly becoming a thing

A universal basic income is a government guarantee that each citizen receives a minimum income. It is also called a citizen’s income, guaranteed minimum income, or basic income. This was something that was thought to be a fantasy but now countries like Canada, Switzerland, and Finland are making it a reality.


Image Source: newyorker.com

3Malaria deaths have decreased

Back in 2000, there were a reported 839,000 deaths caused by malaria but in 2015 that number was just half at 438,000. This is because better mosquito prevention methods have been introduced. These have helped reduce the number of deaths by malaria by a substantial amount. This number is set to decrease even more in the coming future.


Image Source: greenfacts.org

4Murder rates have reduced as well

Compared to the 80s, 90s or even the early 2000s, the murder rates in the US today have decreased significantly. This is mostly due to the swift action taken by law enforcement agencies. The response time by cops has been terrific and the action taken by criminals has been punished quite well.


Image Source: qz.com

5The Netherlands is basically crime-free

Recently news broke that many prisons in the Netherlands have been closed as they do not have that many inmates to jail. This was incredibly shocking yet positive news. This means that the crime rate in the Netherlands is so low that they do not even require many prisons.


Image Source: telegraph.co.uk


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