Rare Polio Like Virus Is Slowly Increasing And Spreading In Children Across The USA

Doctors across the United States are getting worried about an illness that resembles polio which is spreading across the United States. What’s worse about it is that it starts with a common cold and that is what misleads people into delaying treatment. While the CDC (centre for the prevention of disease) says that the disease inst new, the sudden spurt of cases is new and is affecting mostly children. The CDC has observed that the highest number of cases was in 2014. So what exactly is the disease and can it be prevented?


1The new disease starts like a common cold

The polio-like illness starts out as a common cold but what is even more shocking say doctors is the fact that it graduates immediately to more serious conditions like weakness of the limbs, drooping face and weakness of facial muscles, difficulty of speech and swallowing. What’s even more dangerous is the fact that if the disease worsens, the patient may lose the use of their limbs.

The new disease starts like a common cold

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2The name

The name of the disease is called acute flaccid myelitis or AFM. This is a neurological disease that affects the brain and even the spinal cord. As per the CDC, acute flaccid myelitis has no cure. Only the symptoms can be relieved say doctors.

Acute flaccid myelitis

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3AFM is highly contagious

What is even more of a problem where AFM is concerned according to doctors is the fact that the disease is also contagious and the CDC has outlined protocols for isolation of patients when they have been diagnosed for the neurological condition.

AFM is highly contagious

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4It can lead to other serious conditions

The CDC says that while numbness and tingling are rare, people can experience pain in the limbs. It can also cause symptoms where people can’t pass urine properly but one of the most serious symptoms can be respiratory failure because of weakened lung muscles. In such a case, patients will require a ventilator of breathing support.

Dr. checking patient

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