Police officers are trying to find a girl for the most unbelievable reason

People are good. There is goodness in everyone, but due to the pressure of everyday life and work, that goodness has been suppressed by everyone as people are looking out for themselves and forgetting that doing something good for others may be rewarding as well.

If anyone does something for someone today, they seek repayment in one form or another. No one wants to do good for anyone just for the sake of it and even a small act of kindness is seen as something surprising to public.

But in the modern world, an anonymous girl’s kind gesture towards two policemen has left a deep impact on people and has started a chain reaction of good deeds. Read more about it.

1 The police officers

Two Kansas City police department cops Rance Quinn and George Simms have served the department and the public of the city for around 20 years. They have put their lives on the line every day for the protection of the people of the city and have remained vigilant in tough times.


But in the modern world, where many anti-police activities are going on around the country, Officer Quinn started to feel that their efforts have not been appreciated quite enough. He said, “It just seems like there’s a lot of anti-police type of activity going on. I know we’re unwanted but it makes us feel like we’re under-appreciated.”

But his views were about to be changed by a girl of about 15 years of age.

 The police officers

Image Source: www.newsner.com

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