15 Points To Prove That Women Are Biologically Superior To Men

11Peripheral vision of women is better than men

Men may be quick in noticing the sudden movements happening around them but their female counterparts have a good peripheral vision which helps them in getting a wider field of vision. The bigger visual arc helps women in keeping a track of everything happening around them without even moving their head.

Peripheral vision of women is better than men

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12Women are better at multi-tasking than men

The researchers at National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia conducted a study to find out which is better in multi-tasking, men or women? As per the findings, it is easier for women to divert their attention and their brain also doesn’t need to mobilize extra resources while in case of men, their brain needs to mobilize extra resources and it is difficult for them to multi-task.

Women are better at multi-tasking than men

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13Women stutter or stammer less in comparison to men

A research conducted by University of Illinois Stuttering Research Program stated that men suffer more from stuttering than women. It has been found that 5 percent of kids suffer from stuttering but as they reach to adulthood, it was found that chances of men suffering from stuttering increases to five times more than women.

Women stutter or stammer less in comparison to men

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14Women are far better investors than men

It may be surprising for many of us but it is true that women earn better returns on their investments in comparison to men. They have larger portfolios and they earn more returns because they trade less and never make any transactions in haste. The time period of holding on investments is also long in case of women while they don’t take time in getting rid of bad investments.

Women are far better investors than men

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15Women are better in handling stress

When it comes to handling stress, women are clear winners as men tend to either react violently or run away from the situation while women keep themselves calm and look for social support. The researchers at State University of New York at Buffalo stated that the hormone estrogen has a calming or protective effect on the brain which results in less violent response from women on dealing with stress.

Women are better in handling stress

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