15 Points To Prove That Women Are Biologically Superior To Men

6Women are better leaders than men

Women are better than men in terms of emotional empathy which is pretty important for becoming a good leader as it helps in making good relations with other people. This type of empathy also helps in quickly understanding the reaction of people which in turn helps them in managing the situation in a proper manner.

Women are better leaders than men

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7Women are better at differentiating colors

You will hardly find a man who can differentiate between pink and rose pink but for women it is very easy to differentiate between those colors which seem absolutely same to men. This happens because the brains of men and women have wiring differences in the visual areas.

Women are better at differentiating colors

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8Women are smarter than men

Women were far behind in terms of Intelligence quotient scores in the past but now as they are getting educated, they are becoming capable of scoring more than men. In fact, the rate at which the Intelligence quotient of scores of women is increasing; it is faster than the men.

Women are smarter than men

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9Between men and women, men are more violent

It has been observed that men are more prone to violent behavior and activities in comparison to women. This bad quality is exhibited not just in the criminal type of people but also among common public as we have seen that in the cases of domestic violence, men are the culprits.

Between men and women, men are more violent

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10Women don’t suffer from genetic diseases which are caused by mutation on X chromosome

While men have one X chromosome, women have two X chromosomes and this can be stated as one of the basic reasons because of which women do not suffer from genetic disorder. If the genes in women are mutated, they have another set to deal with it but as men have only one X chromosome, they are more prone to genetic diseases.

Women don’t suffer from genetic diseases

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