15 Points To Prove That Women Are Biologically Superior To Men

Women have always been considered as the weaker gender in our male-dominated society and men have always treated them as inferior. It is a general assumption that men are stronger than women despite the fact that latter is far better in many aspects than the former. The women are leaving no stone unturned in making efforts to prove that they are equivalent to men in all the aspects and they can even surpass men in many things.


Whether you believe it or not, but many studies have found that women are superior to men in many aspects and we have listed 15 points in order to prove it.

1Women have better memory than men

Every man must have noticed in his life that women around him remember dates, events in a better manner than him and this happens because women are far better than men when it comes to memory retention. However, their memory retention decline a little after menopause, but still, they remain better than men in memory retention, despite the fact that they are more prone to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Women have better memory than men

Image Source: newsnation.in

2Women can live longer than men without food

Researchers from University of Southern Denmark carried out a research which revealed that women have the capability of living more than men if they have to live without food.


Women have less muscle mass while they have more fat than men and as fat needs less energy, they are able to live longer without food in comparison to men. It has been found that in the event of natural calamities, women are better survivors.

Women can live longer than men

Image Source: bbci.co.uk


3Women can tolerate more pain

There is no denying the fact that women have the capability of bearing more pain than men as they are the ones who bear the extreme pain while giving birth to a child. Many studies have also confirmed that women have higher pain tolerance than men and they are the clear winners in this aspect.

Women can tolerate more pain

Image Source: livestrongcdn.com


4Women have stronger immunity than men

It has found that women have stronger immunity system than men as the studies have revealed the hormone estrogen provides women with more power to fight bacteria and viruses. The antibodies are also produced in more quantity in women when a foreign organism tries to enter the body and women have more white blood cells than men.

Women have stronger immunity than men

Image Source: psmag.com


5Less chances of cardiovascular diseases in women

As per the various studies, the blood pressure in men is higher than women which makes women less prone to the diseases related to chronic hypertension and cardiovascular. However, this situation prevails till menopause only as after menopause, the blood pressure in women rises to higher levels than men.

Less chances of cardiovascular diseases in women

Image Source: www.nhlbi.nih.gov


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