‘Plastic-Eating’ Bacteria Found In Philippines Might Be The Solution We Need To Save Earth

6Plastic-Eating Bacteria

Ideonella sakaiensis is the name of the bacteria that is capable of breaking down (plastic polyethylene terephthalate). They do this as the breaking down of plastic is a source of energy for them. This can be a miracle as these are natural and are not created in a lab.

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7Bacteria vs Chemicals

Seeing the amount of plastic being piled up and the harm it causes to the environment, there have been many attempts in creating chemicals that can dissolve plastic and that they can be removed in a safe way. Unfortunately, artificial chemicals have two negative factors. They can either take ages to dissolve the plastic or are too harmful to the environment to be discarded after use.

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8The Philippines

The Philippines has been known to be among the top five countries that contribute to more than half the world’s plastic pollution. It was seen in a study conducted in 2015 that this country produces around 6,237,653 kilograms of plastic every day. This is a very horrifying statement for the world to know about.

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9The miracle discovery

The discovery that is said to be a miracle was discovered in Zambales. In a hyper-alkaline spring, a bacteria that is capable of “eating” plastic was discovered. Zambales is located in the Central Luzon region on the island of Luzon. The reason why this being held with such high regard is that this can save our planet.

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10What were the bacteria they found?

The researchers from the University of the Philippines-Baguio working in the biology department were able to discover not just one but four strains of bacteria that are now known to be capable of degrading low-density polyethylene (LDPE). This is the polyethylene used in cling wrap, plastic bags, and bottles.

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