‘Plastic-Eating’ Bacteria Found In Philippines Might Be The Solution We Need To Save Earth

If there is anything that is quick, convenient and cheap to produce, it’s plastic. We love easy ways out and hence plastic is now the way for most producers and retailers. Everywhere we look around us, plastic is present. However, it is the equivalent of poison for our planet. Plastic is not biodegradable and does not decompose for thousands of years.


It is a complex chemical product and therefore, just accumulates in the oil and waters after we dispose of it. Though people are aware of the dangers, and are trying to use expensive alternatives like jute and paper, for the masses, plastic is irreplaceable.

1Our plastic world

We were taught this when we were in school that the world is filling up with plastic and we need to find a way to get rid of it. Plastic is something that will remain for over 100 years before showing signs of degradation. Plastic, unlike humans or wood or anything else, is immortal.

Image Source: www.maropeng.co.za

2We can’t destroy plastic

We can reuse glass and wood, they are recyclable easily but plastic isn’t. Plastic once thrown away takes a century to decompose so we can easily find a ton of landfills filled with plastic. People have tried for ages to find a way to destroy used plastic or try to repurpose it. An excessive amount of plastic is dangerous for the environment.

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3Plastic vs the environment

When plastic products accumulate it can be very dangerous to the environment. The soil tries to degrade the plastic but instead, the toxins that make up the plastic can degrade the soil. This is called ‘Plastic Pollution’ and is a real threat to the environment.  This is also harmful to us humans and not just the planet.

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4The effects of plastic on animals

Animals are the ones who suffer the most due to plastic pollution. There are many animals who get caught in plastic objects and suffer trying to get away from it or get out. Bird, dogs, cats and even aquatic life can get tangled in plastic objects and never get out until they’re found dead. There have been many reports of animals getting their head trapped in plastic bags and suffocating to death.

Image Source: www.nationalgeographic.com

5The effects of plastic on soil

Plastic poisoning is a real thing and it actually affects the soil. Plastic poisoning is what happens when the toxins from the plastic objects seep into the soil.  These toxins are very harmful to the soil and can easily cause soil pollution as well as reduce the fertility of the soil. Not to mention plastic poisoning also kills all the creatures who call soil their home.

Image Source: www.unenvironment.org

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