Pilot Answers Passenger’s Frequently Asked Questions About Air Travel

Journey on flights can be very taxing for your body irrespective of whether you are flying for the first time or you are a frequent flyer. As people travel in airplanes, there are many worrying thoughts which also come to your mind. People have no option but to trust the crew of flights for a safe journey. They often become just curious about so many things that a flight has to offer. As the giant metal machine body travels several thousand feet above the ground, people are bound to get curious about their travel. There are many things which go inside the airplane which make people curious.

Here, a pilot is trying to answer one of the most frequently asked questions. Have a look.

1 Why there is spirals in turbines?

Very few people know how airplanes are designed. There are hundreds of pieces which are assembled together to form the airplane that we see. One of it is turbines. They are so powerful that it can suck things close to it. The modern turbines also have an indicator to ward off any accident.

Why there is spirals in turbines

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2 What will happen in case of engines getting stopped?

It worries many passengers that what will happen in case when the engines will stop on an air plane. In case this happens, the pilots shift the plane to zero leverage mode where planes can still move. It is said that the plane can still land safely. It has happened many times.

engines getting stopped?

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3 Which among these is worst scenario: bird-hit, hailstorm, lightening?

In case of lightning, even if it lead to blackout, the pilots are trained to reboot the system and make everything normal. When in hailstorm, it can actually cause damage to exteriors. But, bad weathers can also be predicted in advance. Bird hit is very difficult to cope with. It can damage the exterior or cause fire. Planes generate noise to scare the birds.

flight during lightening

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4 Why planes make circles before landing?

People often start wondering when planes make circles before landing. The pilots do such things to adjust the plane in the direction of landing spot. They may also be trying to avoid animal or strong winds while making circles.

Why planes make circles before landing

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