15 Pictures Which Tell Us What is Wrong With Us

We often need art in our lives to give us a reality check. And in 2018 we need these reality checks every other day as we get so consumed with our own needs and problems. But often you see a movie or read a book which resonates with your life or maybe gives you a better perspective at life.


These illustrations are so poignant and so sharply represent our current state that you won’t be able to stop marvelling at them. Have a look.

1The juggler also suffers

This picture of a plate juggler performing in front of an audience is thought-provoking but you must delve deeper. The artist in him is only bothered with his performance as are the audiences. But the broken plates behind him, represent his failures and struggles. The picture basically reminds us how the world only cares about our success, that it doesn’t look beyond our status or fame to really understand us, or how we got where we are.

The juggler also suffers

Image Source: fotocdn.net

2Incredible service at our hands

Have you ever noticed how we don’t even have to get up from our chairs for hours? We can order our stuff to be ordered online, call in people to repair what’s broken, have people deliver us food. This picture aptly shows us how detached we are from the world as we rarely have to go out of our house these days unless we have jobs or an emergency. This is necessarily making us anti-social beings.

Incredible service at our hands

Image Source: loaded.co.uk

3The TV feeds us

In the last few months fake news and hate panels have made us immune to any shocking news that come our way. From news to reality shows we are fed with stuff which only makes our lives messier. These pictures depict how we are relentlessly made to listen and watch stuff which make us question their credibility and our sanity.

The TV feeds us

Image Source: www.italianosveglia.com

4Pokemon needs to go

This picture will resonate with anyone who has ever played Pokemon Go. The game which has obsessed people to such an extent that they often do not pay attention to their surroundings. The game involves going out and following the instructions of the game which may lead you anywhere in search of Pokemons. Several accidents have been reported by people who have tried to play the game as the players were not looking where they were headed.

Pokemon needs to go

Image Source: amazonaws.com

5Are you being brainwashed?

This picture is a very neat depiction of our lives right now. From social media to politics every other thing is trying to brainwash us into believing things which are unreal. For instance, you see people having fun and living the time of their lives on Instagram. You instantly feel bad about your life and your low key job. But what we miss is that people on Instagram may have bad days too about which they will seldom talk about. We are thus brainwashed to believe their lives are better than ours which is simply not true.

Are you being brainwashed

Image Source: berita.live


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