16 Pictures That Look Simple Until You Know Real Story

13Laugh about death

Looks like a mundane photo of a person smiling right? Look closer and notice the handcuffs. These are Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, who murdered a family of four, including two children. They had originally planned to rob them only, but after finding a mere 50 dollars, killed the family out of frustration. Perry is smiling moments after being told that that two had been sentenced to death. Creepy right?

Image Source: tumblr.com

14The true monstrosity of war

The photograph speaks for itself. These Soviet soldiers are harassing a German lady. However, this was not an isolated incident. Mass rapes took place in occupied Germany, during and after the war. Historians believe that the act of rape was often used to emphasize victory. Though this is not just restricted to the Soviets and this situation, the estimate is that a shocking 2 million German women suffered at the hands of the Soviets, some over 50 times.

Image Source: fishki.net

15SS Grandcamp

Looks like an ordinary ship right? The day is April 16th, 1947 and the ship is called SS Grandcamp. A fire has broken out and the men of the Texas City Volunteer Fire Department are trying hard to extinguish it from the dock. A few moments after this photograph was taken, the ship exploded and killed 468 people and injured 5000. This was one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in human history.

Image Source: sometimes-interesting.com

16Fat Man

Harold Melvin Agnew was born on March 28th, 1921 and was an American physicist and today is well-known for his help in the Hiroshima bombing. In the image we can see Harold holding the main component of the nuclear bomb called the ‘Fat Man’ which was detonated over the Japan that took the lives of nearly 80,000 civilians.

Image Source: besttennews.com


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