16 Pictures That Look Simple Until You Know Real Story

Photos tell us a lot. However, sometimes we may interpret them wrongly. What looks happy may actually be sad, and what looks mundane, may be far from it.  Today, we have brought to you, 16 photos from history that have a surprising and shocking back story. The back story gives a completely new meaning to the photograph.


You would never have known what the photo really was, without the back story. Some of them are heartbreaking, while a few are exciting and joyful. They all capture some important moment in human history. Most are captured just moments before or after the event itself.

1The Unsung Heroes

These were the people responsible for draining the fluid near the reactor during the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. Ten days after the disaster, the water-cooling system had failed and a pool of water formed directly under the radioactive reactor. Engineer Alexei Ananenko along with soldiers Valeri Bezpalov and Boris Baranov, covered in protective gear, volunteered to dive into the pool and drain the fluid. Had this not been done, an explosion would have spread the radioactive substance throughout the skies of Asia, Africa, and Europe. All three of them survived.

Image Source: nord.md

2Childhood Friends

On April 6th, 1972 in Saint-Brieuc, workers from the company Joint Français went on strike and the French riot police called the CRS intervened. In this photo taken by Jacques Gourmelen, a worker (Guy Burmieux) and a police official (Jean-Yvon Antignac) are face to face.  The two immediately recognized each other, as they had been childhood friends. Guy, in a fit of rage, asked Jean to hit him, but Jean did not move a muscle, the photographer later recalled.

Image Source: theinstapic.com

3Don’t go!

Looks like a sweet photo of a child running to his father, who is a soldier, right? The soldiers belonged to the Duke of Connaught’s Own Rifles and were marching off to fight in the Second World War. The photograph was captured by Claude Detloff in Vancouver, as the soldiers are marching. The expressions on the face of the other soldiers and the mother are truly heart-touching.  Thankfully, the boy’s father returned home safely in October 1945.

Image Source: hdslb.com

4The Special Counter

In the photograph are protesters John Salter, a Sociology teacher and students Joan Trumpauer and Anne Moody. They belonged to the Tougaloo College – a Black college, which became the heart of the civil rights movement in Mississippi. In the photograph captured by Fred Blackwell, the three are sitting at the whites-only counter at a Woolworth’s five-and-dime store in Jackson. The angry mob of white people proceeded to throw ketchup, mustard, and sugar on the three while they persistently kept sitting.

Image Source: www.whaleoil.co.nz

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