16 Pictures of Famous First Times in World History

If you speak about firsts, then there could be a million things right from the big bang, but how interesting would that be? What would be highly interesting are the first’s that are more relevant to our time such as the first car, or the first bikini or the first burger. Thanks to the invention of the camera, many of these firsts have been captured and recorded. What’s interesting to note where firsts things are concerned is the proof that we have come a long way since them in every field be it technology, mechanics, medicine, computers or even food. Let’s take a look at 15 of important firsts that have truly impacted our lives.


1The First artificial heart, 2015

The first totally artificial heart was made of plastic and titanium and was a complete heart which gave hope to many patients requiring a heart transplant. It was called AbioCor and functioned with a renewable energy source. It was tested on 15 patients but somehow the project never took off and the company stopped its manufacture.

Image Source: vestnik.icdc.ru

2The first cell phone, 1973

Remember those heavy Motorola phones people would carry in their hands and on waist belts when cell phones first came out? Well the first original cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper and it weighed more than 1 kg. Cooper worked for Motorola and when he invented the device, he even called competitor AT & T to say Motorola had beaten them to the game and he was calling them on the world’s first cell phone.

Image Source: upsocl.com

3Café Terrace at night, 188

Café Terrace was Van Gogh’s first painting where he used a starry sky theme. This café actually exists in Place Du Forum, Arles, France. This was one of three paintings and Van Gogh painted this on location instead of from memory. What’s unique about it is that astronomers say that the position of stars in the painting is astronomically accurate.

Image Source: wikimedia.org

4The first selfie, 1839

This was the first selfie ever recorded by Robert Cornelius who had improved the technology of the legendary Louis Daguerre. It was also the first distinct human portrait in history. It was taken in Cornelius backyard of his family lamp store in Philadelphia and he had to hold the position between 10 to 15 minutes to achieve the photograph.

Image Source: brightside.me

5First color photograph, 1861

This was the first color photo taken by James Maxwell a mathematical physicist while he was experimenting with his tri-color technology in 1861. The image is the first durable color photo and the click was actually done by SLR inventor Thomas Sutton, but the technology to achieve it was invented by Maxwell.

Image Source: upsocl.com

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