15 Photos That Prove There Are So Many Things In The World That We Do Not Know About

6The world at our feet

We’re not sure if this was man-made or was created by nature. We’re guessing it was man-made as the amount of detail is amazing. This is a great image and whoever created this in nature was a genius and whoever took this image needs a big thank you. This is incredibly well-made.


Image Source: behance.net

7That is a squirrel

On first glance, you may have thought that was a mouse or a rat but that is a squirrel without a bushy tail. Yes, that is a squirrel and we’re not sure how that happened. This is such a rare sight that many wouldn’t even notice it. We hope the bushy hair grows back and this squirrel goes back to looking normal.


Image Source: baomoi.com

8SPF levels through a UV camera

This is a really interesting image as it shows how the different SPF levels protect our skin under a UV camera. We all know that SPF 30 is the most commonly used one but here we see how well each level protects our skin. There are so many different levels of SPF protection for us to choose from depending on our needs.


Image Source: redd.it

9Cold vs hot water

This is a camera using heat vision to show the difference between hot water and cold water. You can see how quickly the cold water can change the color of our skin as soon as it comes in contact. The hot water under this camera’s lens looks like lava coming out.


Image Source: imgur.com

10X-ray of a pregnant dog

This is an x-ray of a pregnant dog that has around a dozen tiny pups inside. This is a really interesting picture as this is something we don’t see all the time. Now if you ever see a pregnant dog you will know how the x-ray image looks of it. It is fascinating to see how they all fit inside the womb.


Image Source: noticiasaominuto.com.br


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