15 Photos That Prove There Are So Many Things In The World That We Do Not Know About

We have very mundane lives with our jobs, studies and work. We don’t get to explore our world as much as we’d like and we often have to rely on movies and TV shows to teach us about the world outside our four walls.


This is where the Internet comes in. Thanks to this exceptional mode of communication we can learn, read, see and experience things from the comfort and safety of our own homes. Do you know what a flame in zero gravity looks like? Or how the x-ray image of a pregnant dog looks like? Well, today you’ll see all that and much more.

1Hand over flashlight

As kids, we all have done this where we place our hands or fingers over a flashlight to see the veins under our skin. Since we could only afford small flashlights we all had to just see our finger veins as placing our palms over it would be of no use. But, this image is of a 4,000-lumen flashlight that can easily shine through our palms.


Image Source: baomoi.com

2Not Photoshopped

On first glance, if you say this image was Photoshopped, we understand. This is not an edited picture and that is a very real fish. That fish is a surge wrasse and is native to the southeast Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most popular fishes to be seen in the aquarium trade because of its beautiful color.


Image Source: .twimg.com

3A needle and thread under a microscope

Have you ever seen a needle and thread and thought to yourself that these were very simple and small objects that couldn’t get complex? Well, all that changes when they are placed under a microscope. The thread under a microscope is revealed to be a collection of hundreds of strands of thinner threads as opposed to the single neat thread we see with our naked eyes.


Image Source: www.funnylla.com

4A knight’s foot armor

When we think of medieval knights we think of brave men with clunky, bulky armor that restrains their movement. But this goes to show the blacksmiths knew what they were doing as this knight’s foot armor is so flexible it looks like a boot even though it is made from steel.


Image Source: imgur.com

5A flame in zero gravity

We have all seen a flame on earth. It is long and consists of colors like blue, yellow and orange. But have you ever seen a flame in zero gravity? This is what a flame in zero gravity looks like. It isn’t long but round in shape and is just blue in color.


Image Source: brightside.me


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