10 Lucky people who were attacked by great White Sharks and Survived to tell the tale

Swimming or surfing in the ocean may be exciting but it certainly comes with a lot of risks too. The biggest danger faced by swimmers and surfers alike is a shark attack. One should consider it a miracle when surviving a shark attack although the aftermath can easily result in loss of limb. Here are 10 shark attack survivors who lived to tell the tale.


1 Sheila Barrane, Tampa Florida

Lifeguard Sheila Barrane was swimming off treasure Shore beach South of Tampa when she was attacked by a shark which chomped into her left hand and hip. The water around her was filled with blood and despite being unable to call for help, she swam ashore. A pregnant Sheila was lucky to escape but not before she was given 100 stitches to close the wound.

Sheila Barrane

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2 Todd Endris, California

This man was extremely lucky to have been protected by Dolphins. White surfing , he was suddenly thrown 10 feet into the air, even as he tried searching for his board, a great white had latched its jaws onto him dragging him below. There was no help in sight but then what happened was amazing. Dolphins appeared and began harassing and attacking the shark. They even prodded the shark to attack positioning themselves between Todd and his killer. Todd’s friend then helped him escape. Endris suffered massive wounds to his abdomen and back.

Todd Endris, California

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3 Bethany Hamilton, Hawaii

In 2003, while lying on her surfboard in Hawaiian waters off the coast, Bethany Hamilton had her left arm totally bitten off by a 14 feet long tiger shark. Although Tiger sharks don’t grow as large as great whites, they can be equally aggressive if not more. Hamilton was saved by friends but her arm was lost.

Bethany Hamilton, Hawaii

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4 Rodney Fox, Australia

Rodney Fox is one lucky man. In 1953 he was badly mauled by a Great White while spear fishing in a tournament in Australia. The Shark grabbed him thrice and he was even dragged 15 feet below the surface. When he finally made it to shore after being freed, his mangled flesh and torso was ripped to the point of only his bones being visible. It was his wet suit that held his internal organs in place. He received an uncountable number of stitches virtually requiring to be sewn together.

Rodney Fox, Australia

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


5 Achmat Hasseim, Cape Town, South Africa

When Achmat and his brother Tariq were on a lifeguard training exercise if the waters off Cape Town, A shark suddenly appeared making a dart for his brother’s torso. Achmat reacted instantly shaking and trying to distract the creature,. The shark instead lunged for Achmat biting into his leg and dragging him beneath the water, his repeated kicking made the beats let him go but he lost his leg in the process.

Achmat Hasseim, Cape Town

Image Source: www.bbci.co.uk


6 Albino Ernesto, Mozambique

19 year old Albino Ernesto was fishing for shrimp when he was attacked by an unknown shark species in shallow water. The shark rather than catch Ernesto was trying instead to get hold of his catch of shrimp. Ernesto did the wrong thing of trying to wrestle the net away from the shark which then latched its jaws onto his arms instead. Although he escaped, his arm required amputation to save his life.

Albino Ernesto, Mozambique

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7 Omar Abdel Qader, Egypt

It was in Egypt in June this year that Omar Abdel Qader had his right leg mauled so badly by a shark that it required amputation. It was his friends who rescued him and helped him into intensive care just in time to save his life. The area where Qader was attacked was closed to recreation soon after.

Omar Abdel Qader, Egypt

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8 Brandon Taylor, Sebastian, Florida

21 year old Brandon Taylor and his friends were joking about being getting bitten by sharks when paddling in the surf off the waters of West Palm Beach when the shadow of a shark passed beneath him. Before he could react he felt a sharp burning sensation in his left forearm. The shark attacked for a few seconds but it was enough to bloody his whole arm. Although he was badly injured, he continued joking about it. You won’t be so lucky to joke next time Brandon!!

Brandon Taylor, Sebastian

Image Source: www.muensterschezeitung.de

9 Kenny Doubt, Oregon

It was in 1976 that Kenny Doubt escaped death by a great white. While resting before going out to surf, he was viciously attacked by a great white and dragged underwater. Kenny escaped because the monster also bit into his surfboard along with his body. It was his surfboard designed to keep afloat that prevented the shark from dragging him to far underwater. The shark ultimately let go and it was another stroke of luck that Kenny suffered mild hypothermia which prevented him from bleeding to death.

Kenny Doubt, Oregon

Image Source: www.abcnews.com

10 Vladimir Skutelnik, Russia

In 2004, Vladimir Skutelnik was deep sea diving when he was attacked by a great white in thirty feet beneath the surface. The predator tore his leg, thigh and calf muscles to bits and he escaped with his leg almost detached from his body. He was miraculously saved by an expert doctor in a nearby town. Scientists believe that global warming is responsible for predators to move out of their natural territories.

Vladimir Skutelnik, Russia

Image Source: www.assets.rbl.ms


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