14 People Who Claimed To Have Traveled To Past, Future and Parallel Universes

Traveling in time is something which we all will love to experience but is that really possible? Well, there are few people who claim that they have travelled in time, both in past and future, but no strong evidences are given by them to strengthen their claims.


However, some of them tried to prove their claims by showing several photographs and video clips but still they were not able to convince people about their claims. It is difficult to counter their claims about the future as nothing is known about the future and the most common predictions are about World War III, artificial intelligence taking control of the world, aliens and humans living together, flying cars, etc.

Here are 14 people who claim to have travelled in time or in parallel universes:


1 The Air-Marshal who flew his plane into the future

This incident is about Air-Marshal Sir Victor Goddard who used to be a Wing Commander in 1935. At that time, he was given the task of doing the inspection of an inactive airbase which was in Drem near Edinburgh. He found that the base was not in a good condition and cattle were grazing grass over there. When he was returning, weather suddenly turned bad. Sir Victor decided to go back to the base in Drem and wait there till weather got fine. However, weather suddenly changed again and when he reached the airbase, he was surprised to see that the airbase was in a very good condition. There were mechanics in blue dresses working on the yellow planes which were parked on the runway. Sir Victor was confused as sudden renovation was not possible at all and moreover, the mechanics at that time used to wear khaki uniforms and planes were of silver color and not yellow.

During the WWII, Sir Victor once again visited Drem and he saw the same scene what he saw in 1935 which means that Sir Victor Goddard visited future in 1935.

Air-Marshal who flew his plane

Image Source: coolinterestingstuff.com

2Valeria Lukyanova aka Human Barbie is a time-traveling spiritual guru

Valeria Lukyanova, who is more popular as Human Barbie, has claimed that she is not a human but a time-traveling spiritual guru who is here on the Earth in order to save humans from superficiality and negative energy. Not only this, her aim is also to make them realize that they should transform from human consumers to human demi-gods. Also called Space Barbie, she claims to talk to aliens and travel in past as well as future.

Valeria Lukyanova aka Human Barbie

Image Source: guardianlv.com

3The man from Taured, a nation that doesn�t exist

In 1954 at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, a man was having an argument with the customs regarding the country from where he hailed. The man was saying that he belonged to Taured and he also had passport, documents and stamps to prove it; however, such a country didn�t exist on the world map. The man was kept under custody in a hotel room until the investigation finished but the next day, he just disappeared and his documents also vanished. It is being said that he must have come from a planet which might have been similar to the Earth.

The man from Taured

Image source: therichestimages.com

4Bella, the Albanian Lady

Bella claimed that she visited the year 3800 with the help of Belarus physicist known as Alexander Kozlov. She provided a selfie from future to strengthen her claims but the photo was not much convincing. People were not able to believe her as she said that she had clicked many photos but she showed only one. As per Bella, robots will rule humans and everything of today will be destroyed by robots in the future.

Bella, the Albanian Lady

Image Source: ibtimes.sg

5John Titor, the man who came back for a computer

A person by the name of John Titor made a claim on Nov 2, 2000, on an Internet forum that he is a time traveler from 2036. He said that he travelled to 1975 to take an IBM 5100 computer but he stopped in 2000 due to some personal reasons. He came to take the computer to debug a machine used in 2036. He also posted a photo of his time machine, saying that it was made by General Electric. John said that there would be a civil war in America in 2004 which would be blown into a nuclear war with Russia and millions would die. He made many predictions and also offered to take many people into the future with him but suddenly he disappeared in March 2001.

John Titor, the man who came back for a computer

Image Source: timetravelnexus.com

6Michael Philips, the traveler from 2070

Michael Philips claimed that he is from 2070 but visited 2018 to avert a war which is going to take place in 2019. As per him, later this year North Korea will launch a nuclear attack against US and it will turn into a World War III. Philips also claimed that 9/11 was planned by another time traveler John Titor in order to avert the civil war which was going to take place in 2004 as per John or in 2008, as per Michael.

Michael Philips, the traveler from 2070

Image Source: theemergingindia.com

7Hakan Nordkvist met himself in the future

Hakan went on to claim that he not only travelled to future but also met himself in the future. He told that one day when he returned home from work, he saw that there was water on kitchen’s floor. He took his tools and crawled under the sink to check the pipe but he went on crawling and reached the other side where he met his older version. He was sure that no one would believe him so he recorded the whole incident on his phone. However, there are many who believe that his story is just for promoting an insurance company.

Hakan Nordkvist met himself in the future

Image Source: www.vsnviral.com


8William Taylor, the person from British Intelligence Agency

He not only claimed to have travelled in future but also alleged that he was sent to future as a part of a time traveling experiment conducted by British Intelligence Agency, adding that the project had been going on since 1981. As per William, he first went to the year 3000 from 2005 and then, later on, he also went to 8973. He told that while in year 3000, everyone travelled in flying vehicles, in 8973, humans, aliens and cyborgs would live peacefully.

William Taylor

Image Source: akamaihd.net

9Al Bielek, the person from Montauk Project

It is being said that the US government conducted many secret experiments at Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island. Their purpose was to do research about time travel and work on development of psychological warfare techniques. Al Bielek took part in many experiments and he claimed that he had travelled to Mars and other planets, to the year 6037 and to the research station as well in 100000 BC. He also said that he lived for 2 years in the future when he travelled to the year 2749.

Al Bielek, the person from Montauk Project

Image Source: www.americanantigravity.com

10Andrew Carlssin, The Insider Trader

This is a very interesting case as Andrew Carlssin invested only $800 in stocks and earned $350 million on his investment in just 2 weeks. He was arrested on March 19, 2003, by Securities and Exchange Commission on the charges of insider trading. However, he denied doing any insider trading and said that he came from the year 2256 to earn some quick money as he knew about the future of the stocks. Nobody believed him but after getting released on bail, he disappeared. However, there is no explanation as to how there was no record of him before 2002 and how he told the correct date of the US invasion of Iraq.

Andrew Carlssin, The Insider Trader

Image Source: imgur.com


11 Noah the man from 2030

If you want to know about him, there are few videos of the man on YouTube. He claims to be from 2030 and says that people have started using Bitcoins as currency, climate has changed in many places, humans have traveled to Mars and cures of many life-taking diseases have been found. Some of this isn’t that different from the world now. For example, a lot of people already use Bitcoin as a currency. They use it in a multitude of everyday places such as to buy products from Microsoft, or to even enter into online casinos to gamble and bet on sports. Looking at this website might be a good idea, so you can see some of the potential online gambling sites you might be playing on regularly when Bitcoin becomes our main currency! Noah also claims that after winning in 2020, American President Donald Trump will change his name to Ilana Remikee. However, he hasn’t given any proof of whatever he has predicted.

Noah the man from 2030

Image Source: jagran.com

12Bryant Johnson, the drunken time traveler

In 2017, police was called to handle a drunk man in Casper, Wyoming. The name of the person was Bryant Johnson; he claimed that he was from 2048 and has come to warn people about the alien invasion that is going to take place in 2018. He also said that he was supposed to travel to 2018 but came to 2017 as aliens made him drink alcohol.

Bryant Johnson, the drunken time traveler

Image Source: www.kansascity.com

13Andrew Basiago the lawyer who time travels

The lawyer from Seattle, Andrew Basiago claims not only of time travel but also of travelling to Mars. As per him, he visited Mars in 1981 along with Barack Obama and William Stillings. He also said that he had visited 1863 and listened to a speech of Abraham Lincoln. Well, that’s not all! The man claimed that American military used time machine for deploying their units in the past and future whenever required. He didn’t make any predictions except that he would be the President between 2016 and 2028.

Andrew Basiago the lawyer who time travels

Image Source: cloudfront.net


14Dr. E G Moon, went to 19th century and came back in just seconds

In 1935, Dr. E G Moon went to see a patient but when he came out of the house, he saw that his car was missing and not just his car but the hedge beside which he parked his car was also missing. The road that was well-built turned into a muddy track and a man who was dressed in the 19th century clothes was coming towards him. He turned towards the house but decided to see the strange scene once again. Surprisingly, he was back in his time as his car and hedge were there and the road was well-built and there was no man from old times.

Dr. E G Moon went to 19th century and came back in just seconds

Image Source: daumcdn.net

15What do you think?

Time travel may have been an intriguing topic for discussion but it is really hard to believe the claims made by the modern day time travelers. The social media websites and platforms such as YouTube are being used by these time travelers to reach audiences and make people aware about their identity. However, none of them has been able to prove their credibility.

Time Travel

Image Source: cloudfront.net

If you find any time-traveler whose claims you find true and convincing, do let us know.


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