10 People who proved that it takes just a year to change an entire lifestyle and follow your Dreams

In this fast paced world of business and competition, people invariably end up making money doing things they don’t like. However instead of toil 12 hours a day without any work satisfaction, there are many people who leave their jobs to pursue something their passionate about and end up making a million bucks in the bargain. Here are 10 people who changed everything in their mundane lifestyles.


1 A model at 49

When mega fashion house Dolce and Gabbana were looking for a model, Cindy Joseph caught their eye despite of being the most unlikely candidate as she was 49. Cindy modeled for several brands and is all set to open her own line of skin rejuvenation products. Age is just a number.

A model at 49

Image Source: www.simpleluxeliving.com

2 Her passion for decorating shoes made her a millionaire

Sheri Schmelzer, a 40 year old mother of three loves decorating simple crocs with knick knacks. She formed her own company Jibbitz doing just that and sales crossed $ 2.2 million by August 2006. The crocs company ultimately purchased Jibbitz for a staggering $10 million.

passion for decorating

Image Source: www.s-nbcnews.com

3 A champion at 60

Eugene a 60 year old choose the most unlikely post retirement plan as a pensioner expected to sit at home. She became adventurous by pursuing her passion to be a professional high board diver and even went on to win the European championship.

A champion at 60

Image Source: www.mercado.etc.br

4 She travelled the world against doctor’s advice

55 wasn’t an age to put her down. As soon as she put in her papers she went on a travel spree across the world. Doctors said she suffered from various diseases but that didn’t deter her in the least. Sonya Sagitova had made up her mind to see the world and see the world she did. She travelled to 40 countries including every corner of Russia.

She travelled the world against doctor’s advice

Image Source: www.ecolady.eu

5 Saving lives appealed to her than a boring job

Among noteworthy people who changed, Oksana Chevalier left a lucrative career as a lawyer as well as her family business to become an emergency response worker. Saving lives appealed to her and she joined the Russian Federal Rescue Service Unit in Moscow. Her Passion for saving people started when she had first attended a stunt school and volunteered at Spasreserve and Liza Alert which is a forum for missing Russians.

Oksana Chevalier left a lucrative career

Image Source: www.brightside.me

6 A machine taught them to change

Justin and Lauren Shelton were enjoying their lives till reality struck them in the face showing them the weight they had gained. The couple weighed a combined weight of 340 kg which caused Guy to get ill with a kidney infection. Even the imaging machine couldn’t work effectively because of his weight. T was then that the couple decided to change their lifestyle. A strict routine of diet and exercise helped Justin lose 175 kg and Lauren 78 kg.

Justin and Lauren Shelton

Image Source: www.mercado.etc.br

7 Money is for the weak

Heidmarie Schwermer abandoned all the luxuries of life to live according to the bare necessities not because she couldn’t afford to but because she decided to donate all her money to the poor. The big hearted woman decided to live a life of poverty in 1996 by doing odd jobs like walking dogs washing windows and cleaning houses in return for food.


At 70 she now gives lectures on how to live life without valuables. Her resolution for the New Year turned out a life changing one and she is happy.

Heidmarie Schwermer abandoned all the luxuries

Image Source: www.viola.bz

8 Tattoo artist fights against cancer

Rinat Karimkov a tattoo artist from Moscow used social media to document his fight against lymphoma or blood cancer. Using his instagram page @rinat_vs_lymphoma he would pictures and videos of his days with the blood cancer. His first descriptor page explains the nature of his blog: “Photoblog on how I became ill with lymphoma and how it kicked ass live (for those who have no clue – read first)”. The man has 73000 followers.


Tattoo artist fights against cancer

Image Source: www.forgottothink.com

9 Travelling for a living

Julia Savitskaya wasn’t getting enough satisfaction from her work at Dior. She backpacked to Nepal which changed her life forever. After meeting Anton Gurkov from Kiev the two friends launched a travel company called ‘Girls in Travel’ which organizes all girl travel parties.

Travelling for a living

Image Source: www.girlsintravel.com

10 Fat to Fit after monumental change

By far among the most significant people who changed, Tatyana Rybakova at 14 weighed an unbelievable 100 kg. She was bullied and ragged because of her obese condition until she decided to make a drastic change in her life. After observing several beneficial diets, exercises and mental motivation, she lost 50 kg and now weighs a healthy 50 kg at 24. She is now a blogger and author of the book “How l Lost 55 kg’. She is also a consultant on healthy living.

Fat to Fit after monumental change

Image Source: www.thehz.ru


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