10 People who proved that it takes just a year to change an entire lifestyle and follow your Dreams

In this fast paced world of business and competition, people invariably end up making money doing things they don’t like. However instead of toil 12 hours a day without any work satisfaction, there are many people who leave their jobs to pursue something their passionate about and end up making a million bucks in the bargain. Here are 10 people who changed everything in their mundane lifestyles.

1 A model at 49

When mega fashion house Dolce and Gabbana were looking for a model, Cindy Joseph caught their eye despite of being the most unlikely candidate as she was 49. Cindy modeled for several brands and is all set to open her own line of skin rejuvenation products. Age is just a number.

A model at 49

Image Source: www.simpleluxeliving.com


2 Her passion for decorating shoes made her a millionaire

Sheri Schmelzer, a 40 year old mother of three loves decorating simple crocs with knick knacks. She formed her own company Jibbitz doing just that and sales crossed $ 2.2 million by August 2006. The crocs company ultimately purchased Jibbitz for a staggering $10 million.

passion for decorating

Image Source: www.s-nbcnews.com

3 A champion at 60

Eugene a 60 year old choose the most unlikely post retirement plan as a pensioner expected to sit at home. She became adventurous by pursuing her passion to be a professional high board diver and even went on to win the European championship.

A champion at 60

Image Source: www.mercado.etc.br

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