These people Deserve to Live in 3017, for their awesome and unique inventions

9 Cheating Hacks

Okay, we don’t want to give an idea that cheating in exams is good. It is certainly NOT! But the amount of hard work and brains used here are worth applauding, for sure.

Cheating Hacks

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10 Sun-protection

Now, this is called proper sun-protection while watching a match.


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11 The Transporter

When you call your mom to bring the charger and instead of bringing it you, she asks you to call the dog! Dogs have done so much for us, and now they can be the “Official Transporter of the Charger” as well.

The Transporter

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12 Sleep can come anytime

Don’t you feel irritated when your neck bears the pain of a sudden jerk because you slept in the journey? Well, this genius has the perfect hack for you. Sleep as much as you want and your neck will stay stable.

Sleep can come anytime

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13 Beauty Queen

When girls ace their eye make-up, but forget to wash their hair! This girl found the perfect solution for you all.

 Beauty Queen

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14 The Japanese Are Way Ahead of Us all

These seats are simply the best!

15 Okay, he is a Certified Genius!

My mind is literally blown away now. I have always wondered how to eat noodles without letting them kiss my chin, and here I found the best way. Well, thank you man. You have literally won our hearts with this super hack.

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