These people Deserve to Live in 3017, for their awesome and unique inventions

5 We are all sorted

This is something the world really needs! How we all get frustrated when we don’t seem to find a place to keep our phones while they get charged. But, here is a cheap and a super easy option for you.

We are all sorted

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6 Self-walking dogs

I guess the sub-title of this picture says it all.

Self-walking dogs

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7 Double whammy

When someone wants to keep his eyes safe from the glaring sunlight while also listening to their favorite tracks on the best of headphones, this is what they should do. Isn’t it cool?

Double whammy

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8 He needs best of both the Worlds

At first glance, I got confused whether this kid was just stuck between the couches or was he really interested in watching cartoons. But then I found that he actually is that crazily adventurous chap who certainly wants to watch his cartoon show, but can’t sit simply on the couch.

kid watching games in mobile

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