Passenger Jet Liner Shockingly Skids Off Runaway and Balances on Cliff Face Nearly Crashing Into the Sea

By now you may have come across the first hand news report about the freakish accident at Turkey’s Trabzon airport about how a Pegasus airlines plane skidded off the runaway and nearly landed in the sea. The plane was seen lying nose down in a most precarious position on the side of a cliff.

1Passenger plane skids off runaway and almost lands in the sea

The passenger jet had 162 people on board and fortunately none were injured although there was a lot of panic due to the shocking fright of the realization of crashing into the sea. Although there weren’t many photographs at the time of the reports, now more vivid footage has surface showing different views of the plane as it balances on the cliff face.

Passenger plane skids off runaway

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2Flight PC8622 was in the process of landing when something freakish happened

The Boeing 737-8000 jet of Pegasus Airlines flight PC8622 had just landed at the Trabzon Airport in Turkey when a freak surge of power caused the flight to swerve left off the runaway across the grassy field jolt and bump over the cliff ledge to finally rest on the cliff face as if stuck there.

Flight PC8622

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3Wheels trapped in icy mud saved the plane from sliding further into the sea

It was the icy mud that locked the wheels down in place failing which the plane would have surely slid down the cliff wall in the black sea below. The short cliff face would not have been enough to slow down the plane which would have crashed and broken further on impact or even caught fire, the results would have been tragic. After the plane came to a standstill smoke was observed billowing from the cabin.

Wheels trapped in icy mud

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4The left engine was ripped apart

The crash resulted in the jet’s left engine being ripped apart from the wing. It was fortunate that there was less panic and passengers were evacuated in an orderly fashion. All flights were subsequently shut down after the incident so that the salvaging and clearing process could begin.

The left engine was ripped apart

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