If your Dog eats this white gooey substance on the beach , He could die!

If you’re an animal lover and have a dog as a pet, then you need to be careful while walking it at a beach. For those who may not be living close to beaches, this may be irrelevant, but for those habituated in doing so, keep an eye on your dog at all times and it would be better keeping him on a leash, especially if you value your dog’s life.


For several months now, there have been instances of various beaches contaminated with a white gooey substance identified as palm oil which most dogs might mistake for jelly fish. It definitely isn’t so and there have been several cases of palm oil killing dogs on beaches in England.

1 White Gooey Substance Resembles A Jellyfish

In January this year, beaches in Kent and Sussex in England were found to have a strange white substance that resembled a jelly fish. It was what this particular woman found during a walk with her dog at the beach. When she looked more closely, she found that this wasn’t some jellyfish; it was a substance far worse than that. It was palm oil.


Palm oil washed up on beaches is a result of cleaning fluids and may have even been carried from waters of the Caribbean. The saddest factor of palm oil on the beaches is the dog deaths that have been occurring from the animals consuming them.

Dog searching food on the beach

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2 Several Cases Were Found In Cornwall Everyday

The appearance of palm oil on beaches isn’t new. In 2014, there were sporadic incidents of dogs dying from palm oil consumption in Cornwall. Three animals died and dozens fell sick to poisoning from palm oil washed up on the beach.

Palm oil is a waxy,yellowish substance you may spot on the beaches. While it isn’t harmful or toxic to humans, it can be fatal to dogs. During the palm oil issue in Cornwall, the Vets were full with two or three cases being treated every day. Due to this menace of palm oil killing dogs, maritime councils and environmentalists have issued a warning to dog lovers to be wary of their animals when spending time at the beach.

appearance of palm oil on beaches

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3 A Toxic Substance That Attacks the Liver and Kidneys

Palm oil is a common substance used in food manufacturing and production. In its waste or solid form, it can be toxic for dogs, causing sickness and even death. In 2014, Fiona Crook lost her 23 months old terrier Dave, who had ingested palm oil on the Mothecombe beach in Devon near Plymouth. The dog could not be saved as its kidney and liver had been extensively damaged. That’s how dangerous Palm oil is for dogs.


That was not the only isolated incident. Zanzi, a 3 year old miniatiure Schnauzer belonging to Lucy Garrett Peel, died a horrible death after consuming a small ball of palm oil which she found on Marazion beach in South Cornwall. When vets operated on her they found the presence of horrible rancid bacteria formed from palm oil.

Sick dog

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4 Councils Have Issued a Warning and mobilized Cleansing teams

City councils in Worthing, Adur, Thanet and Cornwall have put up warning notices on beaches in Devon. Cleansing teams were also testing the substances to find out how much of the substance was actually palm oil or were there other toxic contaminants present. A process has been started to put cleansing teams into operation for clearing the palm oil deposits. In the mean time dog owners should keep a tight watch on their dogs while walking them on the beach and at no cost should they allow dogs to go next to the substance.

Warning about palm oil

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