Oxfords Infectious Disease Expert Explains When the Pandemic Will End and We May Not Need A Vaccine

There seems no respite on the horizon whatsoever where the coronavirus pandemic is concerned. We are now 8th months into the pandemic and even as several theories abound regarding its origins, scientists are having a tough time trying to find a cure. With the virus completely new, it means symptoms that doctors could not have predicted earlier are slowly emerging which are now being added to the list of official symptoms of the virus. But when will the virus end is the big question on everyone’s lips? Will this year continue to be held ransom by the virus? One Oxford professor explains.


1The coronavirus is causing long term symptoms and disease in patients

The most worrying aspect of the coronavirus is its constantly emerging symptoms and physiological impact it is having on people’s bodies. Besides the usual symptoms, studies are finding how it affects organs like the heart, lungs and kidneys. What’s worse is that research has found how 46 % of coronavirus patients in one New York hospital ended up getting kidney injury when they had no previous history of kidney problems. Evidence is emerging how the coronavirus is damaging the kidneys.

Coronavirus is causing long term symptoms

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2Doctors are finding new symptoms

What’s worse is that doctors are finding how COVID 19 is causing long term heart damage, lung problems, kidney disease and brain fog. Neuroscientist Athena Akrami logged 62 different symptoms of COVID-19 in April which will be going into publication soon. “Even though it’s one virus, it can cause all different kinds of diseases in people,” says Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale University who is studying lingering effects on the immune system.

Hospital Overload Forces Covid-19 Patient Transfer in Netherlands

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3How and when will the pandemic end

Even as vaccines do give some hope, millions around the world confined by lockdowns and limited to a new and segregated way of life ask when will this end. One Oxford researcher feels that the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken the lives of almost 750,000 fatalities will gradually vanish in its own without vaccines being necessary although the way things are going right now with in excess of 150K new cases daily, it doesn’t look like that may happen anywhere soon.

How and when will the pandemic end

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