10 Overbearing and Unexpected Things All Overprotective Parents Do

It is completely normal for a mother to care for her children. But in some cases, this feeling of caring can turn into anxiety. This can cause physiological disorders to the child, mom and also the entire family. There are innumerous situations where parents can be overprotective thinking that they need to interfere in every possible action of their child. What they do not know is how much harm they are causing to the child’s development. This article has brought together some symptoms of mother’s anxiousness all because of being overprotective. By reading this article, hopefully, you will understand the easier ways to raise your kid as well as take right actions in time.


1“If my child gets dirty before guests come, I’ll change my child’s clothes.”

This character defines how a mother wants to be a perfectionist; it doesn’t define her desire for neatness. Whatever you think and perform is all done on the basis of someone else’s attitude, to prove to them that you’re completely devoted to being a mother. You are only happy when the other persons happy and remorseful when they are sad.

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What should change?

Think about the roles people play in life. Do you want to bring up your child justifying their actions to others and to impress others for your own ego or do you truly want your child to develop their own nature. Why make your child someone else’s stooge, let them be unique as they are meant to be.

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2“If my child can’t do anything on their own, I’ll always help.”

You want to make your child do what other kids are able to do too. But you should know that your child is a separate individual with different desires and abilities, you wouldn’t even consider his opinions.  You start criticizing your child or yourself when your child is unsuccessful in doing something.

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The result

By constantly setting the goals and standards of others for your child will impact their own performance. Their standards and academic performance can be degraded this way.  You should realize that all people are different and have different ways of being happy. This belief will make your child and your life easier.

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3“When my child has free time, I worry and try to find a task for them.”

Are you the type of mom who will always like to have her child by her side and continuously keep them occupied? This makes you believe that they are only able to make the right decisions with your intervention and you are the only person who knows what’s good for them.

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This impacts the child’s independent thought

What you don’t know is that so many obligations, hobbies and lessons are being held back from them and they don’t even have time for themselves. They might never be able to develop their own interest and haven’t tasted independence because of you. As they grow older, they wouldn’t know what to do with their lives and also not be able to take responsibility.

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