13 Ordinary Things That Can Greatly Influence the Outcome of Your Job Interview

9Your voice and accent

Many job requirements need a good calm and clear voice and diction especially in telemarketing or sales-oriented jobs. Your natural accent is your biggest asset and do not try to fake an accent as it won’t last long and it will send a wrong signal to your potential employers.


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10How much you sweat

Yes, we know sweating is your body’s reaction to the atmospheric heat or even your nerves which you cannot control. But this physiological reaction can also go against you as it makes you seem over nervous. So, reach a bit early to settle down comfortable in the waiting area and keep sipping water so that your body temperature drops down to a normal level and you stop sweating.


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11Your attitude toward others

Well your body language speaks more volumes about you than your CV does. An HR specialist is well trained to study you as well as your resume. The way you communicate with your co interviews, the recruiters, the general staff of the office, nothing gets unnoticed so be at your best behaviours always.


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12The place you’re from

Now it’s highly possible that your recruiter and turn out to be alumni of the same school or college or maybe both of you hail from the same city or even neighborhood. This fact will play out positive for you because the recruiter will have the confidence about you knowing you and also the authenticity of all the educational details you have provided. Besides the spirit of having something in common is also of great relief to many.


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13Sending an email

After a good interview once you reach home, send a thank you note via mail to your recruiters for giving their precious time to speak with you. Preferably try to send them the letter within working hours or at least within 24 hrs to show your gratitude.


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