13 Ordinary Things That Can Greatly Influence the Outcome of Your Job Interview

When you are about to give a job interview your own confidence, competence and qualifications makes a lion’s share in the results of that meeting. But they are several other factors too which might not be under your control always but they do play a significant role in the outcome of your interview. Here are some of those factors which you cannot control may be but can learn to navigate around it and manipulate it for your advantage in future.


1 The weather on the day of your interview

The weather can affect the mood of recruiters as well as job applicants. Overcast skies and heavy rain and storms outside the office may turn your hitherto jolly natured interviewer into a cantankerous and nasty piece of work. Studies have shown that results of interviews held in bright sunny days are always better than those conducted during rains or snow. Now if possible, try to reschedule your interview when the weather is better and cheerful.

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2How early you arrive for an interview

We know punctuality is a virtue which people in the professional world really appreciate. But arriving to the venue much before the office staff even! shows your desperation for job. This, unfortunately, decreases the chances of getting selected. Selectors may also feel pressured and can sense your nerves. Its best to reach the venue 10-15 minutes before the interview and in case you do reach early it’s better to wait in your car or an in a café but not in the office campus.

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3Your position in line

Do not try to be the first one to go in the interview room. Usually, the 1st candidate usually sets a comparison cycle for the recruiters and subconsciously they start comparing the rest of the applicants according to the next one. If they create preconceived notion about what they want the 1stinterviewee has a very low chance of getting through.

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4The color of your outfit

According to best HR officers in the industry the colour choice for your outfit on your interview day should be conservative like black, grey, beige, blue or brown. Do not put bright coloured clothes which screams attention. Once you are selected you can show your eclectic choice of wardrobe.

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