Operation Blessing helps out this single mom when she needed it the most


Everyone wants their family to live in relative comfort. Every family needs a roof over their heads, three square meals a day on the table and good education which can be termed as the basic requirements in today’s economy. This task becomes even harder for single parents as they not only have to take care and provide for their family on their own, but also have to discharge the duties of both parents. But sometimes, everyone requires help in times of dire need and when they ask for help, they more often than not get the help from somewhere or someone.

Here is a similar story of a single mother, who found herself in a dire spot of help in trying to raise her kids and working hard to provide to them. She also asked for help from an organization that works to serve others in their time of need and you will be surprised to hear how they helped this mom and made things better for her.

1 The situation of the mother of five kids

Alishia Poss is a single mother of five kids who she is raising them on her own. Despite working a full time job and long hours at the job, she was unable to fulfill even the basic needs of the five kids and then pay the bills of the house she lived in with her family. Ultimately, things came to a complete standstill for her, when she was served with notice for eviction and her spirit just broke. This mom wanted to do anything she could in order to keep her house and feed her kids and in desperate times, people ask for help and Alishia also asked for help from the Operation Blessing foundation.

Alishia Poss is a single mother

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