Old man was left teary-eyed with an act of Kindness by a Home Depot worker

At times we become immensely self-centered and don’t bother about others. A simple act of kindness often brings positivity in our lives and makes things better for us. The world has become very self-centered and people actually don’t care about others. But when a simple display of love and affection is shown to someone else without expecting any favors in return, it is often surprising for the recipients.


You may not believe it, but the world is still filled with individuals who are always in the forefront to extend their helping hand to others. Don’t you think every little good thing that we do actually matters in our life? Apart from bringing positive energy you are actually getting associated with others (even strangers) in a bond of love and affection.

1 A real-life incident of act of kindness

A similar case that involved the act of kindness has been reported that left a man in tears and made him believe in the existence of humanity by a Home Depot worker. Let us get a brief on the art of love and kindness from the simple real-life story that will also make you emotional.


This is the real-life story of Jim Sansone, who is a retired man and loves fixing things himself. It was the time when his home suffered very badly from the strong winds and he had to replace the fascia on the roof. After the inspection, he figured out that he could manage to do the repairs himself. His skills are so good, they are similar to the professional work carried out by roofing Austin tx. Roofing is not easy and being able to complete such a hard task is a great achievement.

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2 Sansone did not have same bodily strength as before

Since it was the time of the year when there were frequent rainfalls, he wanted to mend the damage at the earliest before the next storm damages his roof even more. He thought about contacting a Water Damage and Roofing Cedar Park company to fix it for him but he couldn’t afford it at the time. Sansone had been a handyman all his life. But things have changed a lot since the time he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His bodily strength is definitely not the same as it used to be.

Sansone did not have same bodily strength as before

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3 The store manager noticed the strangest thing in Sansone

In order to get equipment and other stuffs for replacing the fascia on the roof, he visited the Home Depot. The store manager, Jim Conley noticed Sansone and began chatting with him and came to know about Sansone’s plan of replacing the fascia. In the meantime, the store manager, Conley noticed that Sansone was sick and his hands were shaking continuously.

The store manager noticed the strangest thing in Sansone

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4 Conley was concerned

Conley thought to himself that how could he let such a man climb up the ladder and carry out the repairing of the damage work all by himself. Won’t it be extremely dangerous for Sansone’s health as he was already on chemotherapy and there are chances that due to weakness he might stumble down and hurt himself badly.

Conley was pretty sure that something needed to be done so that Sansone don’t have to face any unwanted circumstances. This is where Conley displayed his act of kindness by sending two workers to Sansone’s home in order to execute the repair works and replace the fascia. The workers made sure to inspect the home properly so that there was no additional damage.

Conley was concerned

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5 Sansone was moved to tears by the act of kindness

The entire process took around half an hour and it actually didn’t cost anything for the Home Depot. But this amazing act left Sansone in complete tears. He commented that he always felt in his heart and knew in his head that there are good people still existing in the world. Sasnsone recalled the moment and said, “The workers shook my hands and said have a nice day Jim and then went away. I couldn’t believe my eyes that it actually occurred.”

Sansone was moved to tears by the act of kindness

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6 Act of kindness brings positivity

Showing an act of kindness is not a sacrifice that you are doing. Why do we often shy away from helping others? We actually don’t have anything to lose. It is often easy to not bother about others. Don’t you think sharing kindness is a way of entering into a positive realm of life?


Share kindness and love in small or big way. It is best to live your life, remembering that your one simple act of kindness can bring a huge difference in the lives of those around you.

Act of kindness brings positivity

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