Neighbor finds old man selling firewood to pay dead wife’s medical bills but he gets a nice surprise

One Day as Jessica Pittman drove through her hometown of Gulfport Mississippi; she saw an odd sight on the side of the road. There was a couple standing beside their SUV holding pieces of wood.


When Jessica pulled up to enquire about them, a conversation ensued and what Jessica learned about them melted her heart. The man sold firewood for his wife to pay his medical bills as she was suffering from lung cancer. Each bag of wood which he chopped himself cost a measly $5.

1 Firewood for 5$ to pay thousands in medical bills

Jessica Pittman was at a loss of words. Here was Kenneth Smith and his wife reduced to such a condition all for the want of finance to save her life. Jessica Pitman was to see Kenneth again at the same crossing the following year but Helen wasn’t with him.


Helen had passed away yet There was Kenneth still selling firewood for his wife’s medical bills. Despite the fact that she had expired, he still owed a considerable sum in medical bills and was selling firewood to pay off his debt. There is nothing that can express the emotions that could go through anyone reading about such a heart-rending incident. Kenneth told Jessica that Helen had expired, however he was determined not to let her bills go unpaid. The widower stood there for hours on end selling firewood to pay for his wife’s medical bills even though she was dead. This is what it can come down to for some people in order to pay for medical bills. This is why it is important for anyone in any situation to find the right health insurance. Doing this earlier on will help you out in the long run, especially if you have to pay for medical expenses for anything you ever have to go through. It can become an unwanted level of stress for anyone, but it is worth it. Wherever you live, there are always people around who can help you out, whether they are family/friends or specialists. For example, you could look into something like Cashfloat in the UK to assist you with anything from sorting out an overdraft, urgent medical bills and even emergency car repairs. Whatever your age, no one wants to go through financial difficulty alone.

Firewood for 5$ to pay thousands in medical bills

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2 A huge surprise from well wishers

Kenneth Smith had spent his entire lifesavings paying for his wife’s treatment but in vain. Even though he has a son, he was still adamant to pay whatever balance he still owed for her medical bills. Kenneth soon became a familiar face waving to passersby with his straw hat.

Even as Jessica posted this story on Facebook, Kenneth’s son Leslie set up a go fund me page for his father. To their surprise, the page raised almost $50,000 in four days, thanks to the kindness of all who were touched by this story.



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