13 Non-Obvious Things That Influence the Result of Your Job Interview

5The place you choose to sit

When you are invited to take a seat at the interview table, don’t hesitate to move a chair however you like to take your seat. This will imply to the recruiter that they are dealing with a confident person who isn’t afraid to take the initiative which can potentially increase your chances of getting the job.


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6How much you love yourself

People with higher self-esteem or heavily narcissistic candidates tend receive more offers than the rest. They have the innate ability to present themselves in such a way that manages to convince others that they are useful and beneficial. In fact, HR specialists feel the same way as well.


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7Accepting an offer for a beverage

When you are offered a cup of coffee or tea during an interview, your behavior will largely depend on the situation at the moment. If an administrator offers to make you a cup of coffee agree to have it by saying “yes”. But, you should politely decline if it’s a recruiter who inquires whether you would like a cup of coffee so that they don’t have to waste their time making the coffee.


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8Where you place your hands during a conversation

What your interview thinks about you is influenced by mild appropriate hand movements which make your speech more vivid. Open palms indicate that you’re sincere thereby increasing your chances. If your palms are down it expresses dominance which is a good feature if you have applied for a managerial position. Placing your hands in your pockets or hiding them may convey to the recruiter that you are hiding something. Placing your hands on your chest signifies a defensive position indicating disagreement or disappointment which in no way will bode well for you.


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