13 Non-Obvious Things That Influence the Result of Your Job Interview

In a job interview the amount of knowledge and experience you possess plays a significant part. Besides this, the outcome can still be influenced by some unusual circumstances. Knowing all these nuances can make it much easier to make a lasting impression as a qualified candidate and perhaps even increase the chances of you getting that job. So, here are some less obvious things which might influence the outcome of your job interview:


1 The weather on the day of the interview

Studies have proven that the weather can have an impact on the result of important events as it influences both the recruits and the recruiters. Some people’s emotional and mental state also depends on the weather which is why when it rains some people tend to be less attentive and might be a bit irritable. In comparison to those who get interviewed when it’s sunny out during the day, those who undergo interviews during a dull, rainy day get worse results. It would be best to arrange a job interview when the weather’s good outside.

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2Your time of arrival for an interview

According to experts getting to your interview early is a good idea, but arriving too early can subsequently lower the chances of you getting the job. The recruiter might perceive you to be too nervous or as one who tries to put pressure on them. Coming to an interview 10-15 minutes early will be ideal. However, if you do happen to arrive even earlier, it would be best if you waited outside or inside your car.

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3Your position in line

Being the first one in line can be disadvantageous for you since recruiters subconsciously compare each candidate to the previous one with the first one as the starting point. This implies that the first one will have a slim chance at proving they’d be better that the rest of them going in later. But, being the last one in line is not recommended either. A phenomenon known as decision fatigue, which comes after having to make several decisions can come true if the interview is scheduled for the end of a working day.

Neither should end up in the middle of the line. Instead, being right before it is better as those who are closer to the end get a lower assessment especially if the contenders have better reviews.


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4Your outfit’s color

The best decision would be to go for an interview wearing an outfit of a conservative color such as blue, brown, or black, as per the recommendation of HR specialists. Never ever, wear bright colored outfits such as orange colored or other triggering colors. Showing your creativity when necessary is much better than when you don’t need to.


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