Here is why you should never buy food from Jimmy John’s and the reason is sickening


Did you know how employees are disgustingly exploited at Jimmy John’s? You can’t get leave if you’re sick and if you’re fired, you can’t work within a 3 mile radius of the company. That is infuriating no doubt but what is even more deplorable than the company is its owner Jimmy John Liautaud Himself. After reading this you’ll understand why you should never buy food from jimmy John’s. The reason is a sickening one because Jimmy John takes a delight in killing animals for fun.

Yes, the retard should have all his products boycotted by the public all because he is one sociopath whose hobby is killing endangered animals in Africa.

1 Millions spent on killing endangered animals

Jimmy John frequents Namibia and Botswana as well as other locations in South Africa regularly. He spends almost a quarter of a million dollars on a single trophy hunt alone.

Take a look at the world’s biggest hypocrite posing with this extremely endangered black Rhino, the very last one in Mangetti Park. He says his activity contributes to conservation. Just that one kill for the rhino horn cost him $350, 000 and he has earned it all from those who love to eat at Jimmy John’s.

Millions spent on killing endangered animals

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2 94 elephants are poached everyday in Africa

This elephant was killed for fun as usual and even as poachers kill almost 94 elephants a day, who would expect someone like Jimmy John to indulge in such crappy behavior. This is one big jerk who actually feels he is contributing to African economy and conservation by killing off animals for fun.

Like so many retards like him he says it helps feed locals which is the biggest tripe of the century. Locals eat chicken, vegetables and fish. They don’t eat lions, tigers and rhinos. This is the most infuriating aspect of such behavior when people like Jimmy call themselves conservations. Genuine conservationists contribute by social activity and donations to protect species not finish them off.

94 elephants are poached everyday in Africa

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3 Trophy hunters do nothing for the eco system as they claim

Trophy hunters like Jimmy usually lure animals from a national park onto private parks set up for entertaining misfits like him. Canned hunting is an even worse activity where tame animals are reared for the purpose of hunting. How cowardly is creeping up on a defenseless tame animal and shooting it with a crossbow or rifle. It would have been even nicer for the crossbow to backfire up his behind. That would make a great trophy. Wouldn’t it?

Trophy hunting does nothing to fund conservation as hunters claim. It accounts for less than 2% of South African tourism as compared to photography that raises fifteen times more money for conservation. Trophy hunters only fatten the wallets of farm owners who keep wild game for such reasons. This does not in any way contribute to conservation of animals in wild national parks that are poached and hunted every day.

Trophy hunters do nothing

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4 Now you know why you shouldn’t eat at Jimmy Johns

According to Jimmy, hunting helps keep the ecosystem in check. How do you maintain balance when you’re shooting an endangered species and not really bothering about common rapidly populating animals like warthogs and Impala. After all it is a nice endangered animal which looks god in your trophy room doesn’t it.

The biggest reason why species like warthogs are spiraling out of controlled and need culling regularly by authorities is because hunters like Jimmy John are slowly killing the predators, that is what is throwing the ecosystem out of balance, unfortunately imbeciles like Jimmy John don’t realize the difference. This is why you should never buy food from Jimmy John’s again. It would be a fitting protest against the endless killing of endangered animals. The more money he makes of you, the more he kills!!

Jimmy Johns

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