Nazi secret base discovered by Russians in Arctic


Arctic is a place where the Earth is frozen and there is snow till your vision goes. But sometimes in the extreme and harsh weather conditions like Arctic, you may come across something that is amazing and some Russian scientists discovered exactly that. They found a site that was mentioned in the history books as myth or legend and with their discovery, the books will be rewritten. Read on to find out what.

1 What was found by the Russian scientists?

The Russian scientists on the Arctic have discovered something that will not only amaze you, but will also terrify you. Remains of what seems like a secret research base built by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany have been found by researchers on the Alexandra land. The base was named Treasure Hunter or “Schatzgraber” in German and despite the place been mentioned by historians in many books, people thought of it as nothing but a myth or legend. The base was built in 1942, just after the invasion of Russia by the Nazi Germany and despite the claims in the books; it was used for a very simple purpose, to keep an eye on the ever changing weather patterns in the Arctic. However the legend states that it was abandoned after a freak poisoning incident in 1944.

Russian scientists on the Arctic have discovered

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