NASA is paying you $100,000 to stay in bed and here’s the reason why

Wouldn’t you just love to carry on sleeping on a Monday morning without having to submit to the Monday morning blues and get ready for work? What type of heaven would you envisage if you were paid to stay in bed; it would be a glorious one wouldn’t it? If only it were possible!!! But!! Hold it right there, don’t be disappointed because what if we told you it is possible!! You can get paid a huge sum of money just staying in bed for two whole months and by you know who?? NASA no less!!!

Yes the American space agency NASA is paying $100,000 to stay in bed for 60 days. Find out why and if it is really too good to be true.

1 NASA is looking for candidates to laze in bed

NASA is now looking out for volunteer candidates for their lazy job to participate in a research called ‘Bed Rest Studies”. Participants will have to sit in stay in bed for 60 days straight. Aren’t you wishing right now or looking where to join up? While it could be a dream to many, do you think you will manage to remain in bed for two whole months or will it drive you cuckoo.

Participants can read, watch TV, play games and do whatever they want to keep themselves occupied but they will be restricted in bed and laying down.

lying on bed in NASA

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