NASA is designing Ice Homes that can help astronauts survive on Mars for 400 days

As you may be aware of what is common knowledge that Mars is the most viable option to be a candidate for extra terrestrial life and also the only option for possible habitation by humans. In the latest concepts concerning Mars, NASA has come up with a new subject called ICE HOMES on the red planet.

So what exactly are these Ice Homes on Mars and how is the Space Body planning to use it on Mars? Read and find out.

1 The atmosphere of Mars does not support life

The atmosphere of Mars is too thin to support human life. Moreover giant dust storms engulf vast stretches of the planet for months making survival difficult on Mars. Extreme surface temperatures and inadequate atmospheric protection make Astronauts unsafe from radiation.


This is why the concept and design of Ice homes will be constructed on mars to protect future astronaut’s travelling to the planet.

atmosphere of Mars does not support life

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