What was the truth about the mysterious Pyramids discovered in Antarctica

What makes a story based on no real fact go viral? Time and again we have been witness ot many a hoax and debunked theories of miraculous or mysterious natural phenomena only to lean later on that it was nothing more than a common natural phenomenon blown out of portion.

The latest theory to be debunked where a logical explanation has been provided is the truth about the Antarctic pyramids. The discovery of pyramids in the Antarctic by explorers in 1913 became hot news worldwide. Since then it was always referred to as the pyramid even among geologist.

1 Discovered by explorers in 1913

In 1913 explorers in Antarctica claimed to have discovered manmade structures which they regarded as pyramids. What was suspect is the fact that how could pyramids exist in a place that would not sustain life for millions of years. The tale of the pyramids continued till the internet made it viral. But what was the truth about the Antarctica pyramids.

However it is common for such hoaxes to grow viral as there as several sites who peddle such stories for profit. The only proof that supported the pyramids were photographs that were taken during the expedition. The photos showed what appeared to be pyramids with smooth edges; the structures were partially covered in snow. One photo seems to show an icy pyramid on what looks like a frozen plain.

Discovered by explorers

Image Source: www.iflscience.com

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